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February 15th, 2015, 05:15 AM
since I am terrible at drawing I bring my own style to the table, this is a small how can I put it guess poem about how it felt to lose domo and felt like you were stuck finding a new place to call home jumping from one world to the other
so those who felt like this enjoy and those who are new please enjoy our world this the first time I've ever wrote something like this in over 8 years so my grammar and punctuation is not on par anyways again enjoy my fellow mirror-kins men and women
I will be adding a voiced version later on

Gather round friends as I tell the story of a grand place where not only heroes were forged but friendships, lovers, compassion, and brotherhood as well; a place that reflected our own and in the dark times it did as well, but there were many who stood up and fought those cracked and cloudy reflections, those that learn how to not fight them but rather make peace and mended those cracks.

this one glorious place was my home long ago the Kunlun mirror world and when I was chosen to join it I was scared at first, but as I made friends who in turn became family, forged bonds that we thought would never break, as we stood side by side, back to back. And in time we knew of peace of growth and of companionship, years go by and we slowly scatter away but the pull back home brought us back in.....then the great shattering of our mirror world OUR HOME with that we were scattered to the void of many worlds some lost others looking for fellow mirror-kin and as we roamed the years in search of another world another home we never forgot our old one, as we roamed these voids between worlds we gathered more and more till our voice was strong enough to be heard in this void and our pleas for home made true and now we stand together once again we reforge old bonds and make new ones as we come home after all these years we come back heads held up high eyes forward and in awe of home at the horizon

so now brothers and sisters a new era is upon us; the era of reformation, an era we must see that never ends, for this is not a new verse in the story but a new chapter ready to be written so brothers and sisters of honor raise a pen as a sword and strike the first line, brothers and sisters of wisdom scribe your knowledge well, brothers and sisters of the forges hammer and stamp your design while the page is blank; for now we return home

-MuinXhan the wanderer