View Full Version : [Guide] How to use weapon & shield stands (House Furniture)

February 20th, 2015, 07:09 PM
1. Transfer the stand/s & equipment you want to display into your house.

Open your backpack (Press I)
Click "Transfer"
On the first drop down select furniture
On the second drop down select the house (It's possible to own more than one in the future)
Check all the items you want to use as furniture
Click "Transfer"

2. Position the stand/s on the wall

Open the House interface (click the House button)
Select the item from the furniture list on the left side
Click "Place"
Drag and Click to desired location

3. Attach the equipment to the stand

Right click the stand to open the Place Weapons interface
Select your desired equipment on the list on the left
Click "Confirm"

4. Arrange however you please

On the House interface, select the stand from the furniture list on the left
Click "Place"
Move by dragging the mouse or pressing the arrow keys
Rotate by pressing CTRL+Left/Right Arrow Key