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February 23rd, 2015, 04:12 PM
First off I want to say this is a copy and paste from a post I written before. But I will post it here so everyone can see /o/.

I'll try do a really detail run down on where to level with mercenary in a group party and some DoMO slang for the new people.

So the usual party team locations meta is:
lv16-21 Cask Team in the Inn Basement
lv21-27 Male birds of Paradise (MBOP) at Phoenix Tower (PT)
lv27-29 Crimson Glob at Neptune (Nept for short)
lv29-32 Man-Eating Zombies at Neptune
lv32-36 Bandit and Thugs at Grizzly Garrison (Grizz)
lv36-41 Fugitives at Pandora's Grotto (Grotto)
lv41-50 Iron Hedgehog at Foggy Forrest (Foggy)
lv45-50 Town God Temple someonwhere

This is the usual leveling place, but it varies by 1 or 2 levels.

For builds I went with 2 Agility 1 Durability till Agility hit 35 and switched to 2 durability and 1 agility.
Most common build are include:
2 durability 1 agility : Makes you more beefy
2 agility 1 durability : Dodges more so saves you money on rebuying Heavy Armor gear (You will go through armor really quick)

Things you should avoid as a party tank. AVOID putting statistic points in Power, Wisdom and Dexterity. These stats will make you significantly weaker in tanking mobs. Physique is a decent stat but not necessary because it gives both defense and some HP.

With skill points, if you want to equip both Heavy Armor (HA) and Shield/Spear which most likely people will do. I advise you to do the following. Never EVER put skill in stabbing strike, reason is you are a party tank. Your role is to tank not to do damage.

These skills are the only ones you should ever level.
- Always max Wicked Windmill
- Always max circle formation increases team defense because most monsters you encounter do physical damange (no need to get snake formation, this is only relevant in Raids and such)
- Only get dustpan formation to only level 4, the reason is that is allows you to get the Crane Formation and max this formation (Raises magic attack amongst team members)
- Level taunt to only to level 3, reason is you want to get the skill mock monsters and always max this skill

So when you reach level 30 you should have 60 skill points (SP), however you should have 70 (SP) after doing the mercenary life quest at level 20 and 30. If you do the following skills I mentioned above you should have used only 36 skill points by the time you reach level 30. So 70-36 = 34 Skill points left over which is more enough to equip spear/heavy armor or shield/heavy armor. Which allows you to tank on other classes. So what other class? Preferably Martial Artist (MA) or Commoner (I guess?)

Alright a run down of everything I said so far. You are a tank, not a dps (damage per second). Wicked Windmill and Mock Monster are vital skills to keep aggro (keeping a flock of mobs on you while your team members stay safe doing area of damage effect (AOE). I can never stress this enough. ALWAYS USE FORMS if you forget this you will die so fast it isn't even funny, formation last 2 minutes so no need to spam. But pay attention to the buff icon. Sometimes team members don't get the buff because they are out of range (mostly the case for the pullers).

Some people might be wondering why isn't goose formation? To be honest from leveling 16 to 50 it isn't necessary needed because the party members you team up do not use physical damage AoE spells (maybe dancer) but mostly just stick with crane because of Wizards and Fencer.

If you are a starting Mercenary which I assume. You will not get the "Mock Skill" till level 29 so the only spell you can cast to obtain "aggro" is Wicked Windmill. So from level 16 to 28 it is important that you time this skill. Always pay attention to your puller (who pulls monster basically) and time the wicked windmill skill to hit the monsters that he brings in. Because if you DO NOT time this right you AoE members will cast skills and they will take the aggro and good game for them. But once you reach level 29 and get the skill mock monster. It is really easy to attain the aggro.

Kiting. I don't think many people use this technique much in lower levels. Basically kiting is running around in circles not letting the monsters hit you. It is important, if you hit below 50% HP, it is important that you KITE. Just run in small circles around your team members. YOU WILL RETAIN the aggro while not getting hit (most of the time) this allows your doctor or healer to heal you.

Always bring 2 sets of armor when you think you are going to tank for long periods of time. Always where the armor set according to your level.

I think I got everything covered. If you got any other questions. Feel free to post questions down below.

Also, It is a team gameplay, work with your healers, musician and AoEers. Communicate! If there are too many monsters tell the puller to pull less mobs. Watch your teammates Mana Pool (MP) especially the healer. If they run out of MP no heals for you. Oh bring some MP pills. It comes in handy from time to time. (like 10?)

February 23rd, 2015, 04:42 PM
A+ guide from an A+ tank

February 23rd, 2015, 05:05 PM
As far as secondary classes you can tank with, ironically thief works really well if you go solid agi to 103, then dura from there. Squishy class that can tank. Their buffs work really well for staying alive too.

February 25th, 2015, 01:04 AM
tank with anything , good job on the guide honey wkwkkwkwkw

February 25th, 2015, 01:31 AM
Should maybe mention what are some good subs to use as a tank. I personally recommend Thief's Close Combat tree as it gives you access to Premonition and Control Breathing - both are really good for tanks to have. Also maybe Doctor subs for heals just in case of emergency.

Great guide though - lots of helpful information ^^

February 25th, 2015, 01:39 AM
nice guide! but i only plan to get merc up to lv30 so that i can get its HA and shield equip skill hehe

February 25th, 2015, 04:43 AM
You're going to find out once we're out of Closed Beta, but with the inclusion of BigBeam / Dragon's Den / Sneaky Peak, the model for Mercenary changes somewhat.

I don't have the statistics to back this up but I do have some history: basically once you reach 50 (or once you get past Foggy Forest) your party is going to want to travel to Dragon's Den for Flying Noisy Snakes. Why? Most of your party has been casters the entire time. This actually turns the table for Mercenaries because they now become squishy. You will have to modify your statistics and skills to accommodate protection for your casters in any given party. One of the new changeovers will be with Dustpan / Crane formations, due to the next three areas having magic attacks more than physical attacks.

Now, there is a chance to go to Dragon's Den for more Bandit action. If you've seen the movie The One with Jet Li, it's basically a lot like that -- there's an area in Dragon's Den (middle of the map) where Bandits love to reclaim their throne in a large tournament-like battlefield. There are teleport entrances on each side of the area, as the Bandits there (Master and Sergeants) give you a challenge. You CAN retain Circle / Snake for grinding in this particular area, but it really depends on the other party members and what they choose to sub/main.

You can also retain the Circle / Snake formations for Town-God Temple, but you get the feeling that you should have a reskill book on-hand.

Good stuff nonetheless!