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"Take this scroll and stick it...somewhere safe." - Ryze


Hello there! If you're interested in Wizard, you came to the right place. Wizard is a magic job with extremely high burst damage; higher than Shaman! However, at the cost of this power, they will generally have longer casting times, longer cooldowns, but most notably, the consumption of Scrolls. Most of their offensive power comes from using Scrolls, which are 5g at the shop. While it doesn't sound that expensive, try buying a whole stack (5k gold). So yeah, it's recommended to get this job later on, or have Shaman subbed with Wizard, since they both use the exact same equipment. This means Wizard will be able to equip Robes and Wands naturally. Finally, this class is an AoE class, but can still continue to deal massive damage to single targets.

How to Get?!

Talk to Wallie the Wizard in Eversun City. He will give you a gold bar to be taken to Aunt Lara in Eversun South. She actually doesn't want the gold bar, making your character want to sell it for some money. Down from Aunt Lara you will find a Gold Dealer who will take the gold bar, but it turns out the bar was cursed by a spirit, which you must fight. You continue to keep the gold bar after defeating the spirit which is now spirit free. With said spirit free bar, talk to Wallie again to gain the Wizard job.

These skills are the source of your power. All of these will consume Scrolls to cast and require a Wand to be equipped.[/CENTER]

Scorching Scroll - Single target fire attack. This is your starting skill and it's pretty basic.

Explosive Runes - AoE attack that deals an extra hit to those caught in the center of the attack. Since you are seen as an AoE class, you will want to have this.

Lightning Runes - Single target attack with two hits; first hit being metal damage and the second being fire damage. This skill is very strong, especially early on. You can one-shot some monsters around your level.

Toppling Tremor - AoE attack that can snare enemies caught in the attack. Your 2nd AoE skill, and a decent escape tool.

Acid Rain Scroll - AoE attack that hits multiple times. The hits from this skill accumulate to a large amount of damage, but the cooldown on it hurts.

Secret Charm of Searing Flame - Single target fire attack. Stronger version of Scorching Scroll, get this if you want an extra skill to spam.

Secret Charm of Shrieking Demons - AoE attack that can poison enemies nearby the attack. I don't really think it's necessary to get this; a bunch of your skills already do a lot of damage...

Secret Charm of Rolling Thunder - Single target attack that will also deal some damage to enemies nearby. Oh god, this skill is so strong. As if Lightning Runes wasn't strong enough already! You'll definitely need this later on.

Secret Charm of Thorns - AoE attack that will reduce enemies' attack speed. Your tank will most likely be thankful if you have this, so their armor durability doesn't go down as fast.

Speeding Ticket - Can be cast on a player to increase movement speed. This skill is more or less for utility, so get it if you want.

These skills don't require scrolls to cast. Most of these are just buffs and debuffs.

Chant of Impure Thoughts - Let me just start off by saying DO NOT GET THIS. It is a weak attack, and your job as a Wizard is to deal tons of damage. Sure, it doesn't cost Scrolls, but here's a thought: If you're subbing Shaman, you're going to have at the most up five extra skills to use that don't use Scrolls.

Warning Warble - AoE attack that doesn't consume Scrolls. I would rather get this than Chant of Impure Thoughts; it's still weak compared to your other AoEs, but you can stay longer in an AoE party before having to take a scroll break. Maybe you can use it to kite farm too...

Stalling Chant - AoE debuff that slows the enemies' movement speed. Optional in my opinion, you can get more time to escape than Toppling Tremor would allow you to. Also, unlike Toppling Tremor, you can cast this in other areas than around yourself. Did I forget to mention it's great for kite farming?

Cataclysmic Converter - Converts HP to MP and increases MP regeneration. Very handy to have; better than Spring Cleaning by a mile. Sadly it can't stack other MP regenerating skills.

Chant of Liberation - Let me just get this out of the way. You don't want level 1 of this skill. You want level 2, which essentially stuns the target. If you're going the PvP route, go ahead and take this.

Secrets of the <element> Spirit - Rasises <element> defense. Which one you decide to get and focus on is ultimately dependant on you, though I would sugguest avoiding putting points on these until later in the game, where you will most likely be grinding on a certain magic mob all day every day to level. *coughgowithEarthcough*

(for a quick refrence, Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water)

Magical Skills
The miscellaneous skills of Wizard.

Equip Robe - Gain the ability to Equip Robes. Only use this if you plan on wearing Robes on other jobs.

Finding Enlightenment - Increased magic damage by a certain %. I'd say if you have the spare skill points, why not?


Of course, you don't have to follow these recommendations, but these can save you some frustration later on.

Shaman. Shaman. Shaman. I'm not kidding, these two jobs syngerize too well with each other. Dancer on their Different Dances side is also a good choice, as you can save more of your scrolls. Witch Doctor is an okay choice unless you're focusing on being physical with it. As with every other class, Doctor is great to sub with in case of emergency heals, and Musician's Pet Sounds for your pet(s). Both Musician and Doctor can work fully subbed though.

You want Wisdom, obviously. Dexterity can help your AoEs actually hit; hitting is important for Wizard since you are generally using Scrolls to attack. Agility might be able to help with your cooldowns and casting time. 28 should be the max amount to put for Dex, and 103 should be the max for Agi.

Pre-50 Leveling Spots

10-15: Hit any mob in the Well that you want. Pearly Tadpoles work extremely well because they won't hurt you for very much. Move on to the Town Hall Basement if you feel like taking on Grape Globs.

15-20: If you're parting, go with Caskmasters in the Inn Basement.. Greedy Rats are not reccomended because they have high magic evasion, wasting your Scrolls. Pupu President Corpses can work, but they are quite beefy and hit you quite hard. If you're soloing, Little Eyes in Farwell Family Crypt might work better. Alternatively, you can try Noddy Stones in Placid Plain once you have level 2 Lightning Runes; they will drop fast.

20-25: Phoenix tower is the way to go. You can solo Female Birds of Paradise. Like Pearly Tadpoles they don't do much damage to you since they're magic. I do not suggest taking on Male Birds of Paradise alone until level 23. You can AoE on these in a party as well.

25-30: At this point, soloing becomes increasingly difficult and long, so you may want to stick with AoE parties for a while. Neptune's Temple and Grizzly Garrison AoE spots will be your typical areas to level. If you still want to solo, try moving to any magic mob you can find or if a mob drops scrolls (apply this to the rest of these level ranges).

30-35: You can expect to AoE party in Grizzly Garrison still, and then moving on to Pandora's Grotto.

35-40: Chances are you will still be in Pandora's Grotto. By the time you hit 40, you might be able to solo Fugitives.

40-50: Here, you'll be partying it up in Foggy Forest with Iron Hedgehogs. If your stats, skills, and equipment are up to date, look for any mob with a reasonable exp gain (Fugitives, Iron Hedgehogs, etc.) to take on as you level.

~Life Quests~

Life Quests will give you extra fame points, a recipe for your respective job you do it on, a spring that gives you extra skill points for that job, and later on titles and a weapon itself. Here's what you have to do for Wizard:

Level 20
Talk to Barry O'Neil in Darkdale. Then you'll want to talk to Burt O'Neil with 6 Burial Bands. Afterwords you have to fight a grand total of six ghost heads that you must solo. After defeating them, you will be able to get your rewards. If this is too overwhelming, you can wait until you're of higher level. Your AoEs are a good idea for this fight *hinthint*.

Level 30
Talk to Ol' Jay in Darkdale. You'll then want to go to Giantwood Forest to talk to Shan Shan. Afterwards, you will fight five Fiery Foxes and Fiery Fox's true form. After defeating them, you'll get a Soulsucker that should be delivered to Ol' Jay, and you shall get your rewards. Again, if the fight is overwhelming, wait until you're a higher level. Don't forget about your AoEs!

Level 40
Note: All level 40 Life Quests quests are generally the same.
Talk to Wallie the Wizard, who gives you an invitation to be taken to O'Shea in Collington. You will get a Tome of Demonslaying. Next, kill the following in order:

Giant Metal Rat
Giant Wood Rat
Giant Water Rat
Giant Fire Rat
Giant Earth Rat

Each rat has increasing HP, so it will take longer to kill them as you progress. You can bring a party with you if you want. Do note that only the team leader receives credit, so if your team members need the level 40 Life Quest as well, switch team leaders after each rat kill. When you're done, report to O'Shea and receive your rewards.


So that about wraps it up for Wizard. Quite expensive, but quite powerful. Once you get used to the Scroll costs (or even farming your own Scrolls), you can just enjoy nuking everything in fight. The last thing you guys need is Primordial Burst. -insert Veigar laugh here-

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That feeling when you spend hours writing up a guide, decide sleeeep finish in morning zzz~, ...and then somebody posts a very similar guide.

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That feeling when you spend hours writing up a guide, decide sleeeep finish in morning zzz~, ...and then somebody posts a very similar guide.

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