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Look no further. You're going to learn how to fly and you're going to like it! Flying is an awesome mechanic that not a lot of MMOs possess, especially freely flying acorss the map. You can fly on your own weapon (unequipped), or use an item that is meant for flying on.

Flying Mechanics

Start flight by going to your menu (Ctrl + X). Click the Everyday Skills tab, and click the flying icon, decipted as a guy on a flying sword. You can use WASD to change direction of your flight and click to move, or you could use the mouse to fly entirely. When you click on the map to auto-fly, you will go to the highest altitude as possible, then fly in a straight line. Moving manually puts you out of auto-fly. To land, you must find a landing pad or a map gate. Landping pads are incated by a light blue V on the map. On the screen, you can also see a large pillar of light that stretches towards the sky to find a landing pad.

To be able to actually fly, you should know that you must:
-Reach level 15
-Complete the Learn How to Fly Quest

~Learn How to Fly~

While you may not need to be level 15 to start the quest (just get a job other than Commoner; why are you still beating things up with a dagger or bottle), reach that level instead so that you can complete the Learn How To Fly quest smoothly. To start it, talk to Randy Chareston in Eversun City, X:234 Y:215. While it may not be necessary to talk to him first, he tells that you need Flying Frog Power from the Flying Frog King. The king is a boss; it is not recommended to solo him. Thus, I'd suggest getting a party or someone higher leveled. After killing him and receiving the powder, talk to Randy again. He will give you the ability to fly, and the Trainer Flying-Sword! Congratulations, that's all you need to fly!

Now, I know what you're thinking. "THIS IS SLOW AS HECK!1!11!! AND WHY IS THAT OTER PERSON FLYING FASTER THAN ME?! DD:<"
1) They're either a Sprite and/or you're a Shura.
2) On a serious note, you must take other quests to fly faster. You must also complete part two of Learn How To Fly. Talk to Randy once again and he'll ask that you find the flying Fairy. This is the most frustrating part, as she moves around Eversun City in a path at various altitudes. Use the following image as a refrence. The black numbers are the altitudes and the yellow circle is her path.


When you've found her, talk to her and she'll increase your flying level from 1 to 5. Reporting back to Randy will increase it from 5 to 10. Should now have 56 flying speed instead of the slow 48. You can continue rasing your flying level up to 22! The rest of these quests have no character level requirements.

~Fly! Flying Pupu!~
Talk to the Flying Pupu Trainer in Swan Lake Basin at X:309 Y:402, right outside Tranquilton. He trains Flying Pupus so they can actually fly! (how sad, they can't fly well on their own) When talking to him, he'll give you a mission to find five Flying Pupus throughout Swan Lake. Here are their locations:

X:303 Y:391 - In a the tree right above the trainer himself.
X:180 Y:471 - On a pillar outside of Neptune's Temple.
X:323 Y:119 - Above the Phoenix Tower entrance
X:472 Y:246 - On top of the Medicine Monarch's Memorial
X:565 Y:494 - In front of the windmill.

When you find them, you'll get their prints. Return these prints to the trainer and he'll raise your level from 10 to 13. You can complete it again to raise it to 16, but you must do it in twenty minutes. You can do it after reaching flying level 16, but you'll be rewarded Red Pig Dice Chests instead. To raise your level further, you must complete the third and final flying quest.

~Star of Flying Pupu~
Talk to the Singsong Fairy in Collington. She's above the lotus flower in the central part of the city. Her overall objective is to have the Wild Flying Pupus sing, and she requests your help. For the first time, you're given a Music Score. It will read:

1155 665 4433 221
(DoDo SoSo RaRa So FaFa MiMi ReRe Do if you're curious)

You need to click the Pupu that corresponds to that note in order. If you misclick, you must start over. When finished, report to the Singsong Fairy. Your flying level will be increased from 16 to 19. The second time you do this quest, you have a time limit of six minutes and another score:

1155 665 4433 221
5544 332 5544 332

(DoDo SoSo RaRa So FaFa MiMi ReRe Do
SoSo FaFa MiMi Re SoSo FaFa MiMi Re)

Once again, you must click the Pupus in order. When finished, report to her and your flying level is increased from 19 to 22. Congratulations, you've reached the maximum flying level!

B-b-but I want to help the Singsong Fairy more!
Alright, if you want to help flying pigs sing that badly~
Any further completions will still require you to complete it in six minutes. This time, you have the full score:

1155 665 4433 221
5544 332 5544 332
1155 665 4433 221

(DoDo SoSo RaRa So FaFa MiMi ReRe Do
SoSo FaFa MiMi Re SoSo FaFa MiMi Re
DoDo SoSo RaRa So FaFa MiMi ReRe Do)

If you haven't figured out at this point that the tune is Twinkle Twinke Little Star, well now you know! As usual, click the Pupus in order. When you're done, your rewards will be Red Dog Dice Chests. With each completion at this point, you have to wait one hour in real time before you can do it again.

Here's an image for reference:

That about wraps up flying. Thanks for reading!

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