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February 26th, 2015, 11:25 PM
"What masterpiece shall we play today?" - Sona


Hello there! If you're interested in Musician, you came to the right place. Musician is one of the two support jobs in the game, the other one being Doctor. Musicians specifically focus on buffing their teammates at the small risk of attracting mob aggro. They can also heal and buff pets, making them popular as pet doctors, pet trainers, etc., since pets can't heal on their own (unless they're an egg) and normally you'd need to pay for the food or NPC services to heal them. Their natural equipments are Dancewear and Musical Instruments.

How to Get?!
Talk to Hannah the Dancer in Placid Plain. She will need you to repair a lute for her friend, Busker Biff (which is the NPC for the Dancer Qualification quest which is pretty much similar to this, so don't get these two mixed up!). Then you'll need to go to Ali the Craftsman in the Farm area of Placid Plain. Ask him to repair the lute, and he'll require you to have the list of what he needs: 1 Down and 1 Vine Rope for 100 gold. Vine Rope can be dropped from Giant Moths (an easy mob), and Down is a refined material from Chicken Feathers, which requires level 1 Herding. Get these beforehand so you can save a lot of time. Give him the items and he shall repair the lute. You will need to wait one minute for him to be done. After he's done, return the fixed lute to Hannah to gain the Musician job.

Musical Magic
These skills primarily focus on buffing your team members, and all require Musical Instruments. Any song you play (AKA use one of these skill buffs) will give you "The Bard is Preforming!" debuff, which makes you unable to act for 10 seconds, and can cause a small amount of aggro being drawn towards you. You might as well put points into everything here. Well, except for Sonic Swipe/Supersonic Swipe; these skills aren't bad but not required.

Sonic Swipe - Single target attack that grants a self-buff that stacks up to 3 times. This buff increases attack, magic attack, and attack speed. This is your starting skill, and it's not a bad idea to put some points into this. You'll see why soon. Although, if you're a pet musician without subs, consider leveling this up as a backup.

Mystic Mantra - Play a song that boosts teammates MP recovery over time, but it doesn't affect the user. The fact you can't make use of it sucks, but the rest of your team needs it. Arguably, while all songs are important, this is the most important and you should level it up as much as possible. You might get yelled at for not playing this.

Courageous Chorus - Play a song that boosts teammates attack and magic attack. You and your team need the damage.

Song of Concentration - Play a song that boosts teammates accuracy and magic accuracy. You and your team need the accuracy. (on a side note a blademaster told me she loved song of concentration; blademasters are infamous for their naturally low accuracy)

Diligent Ditty - Play a song that boosts teammates movement speed, evasion, and magic evasion. Tanks love this.

Supersonic Swipe - An AoE attack. Actually, no. This should say "An AoE attack that does MASSIVE damage." I'm not kidding. It's accurate, and it hits very hard. Perfect to add some AoE damage in your AoE party, though it's not really required to have.

Transfusion Tune - Convert your own HP into MP. Can be cast on others or yourself. Great emergency MP healing to have, but be careful, as this does consume a lot of your HP. Have some sort of HP recover around. You might get yelled at for not having this.

Mars' Song - A song that increases team members attack, accuracy, and evasion. This is your first "long song". A long song basically lasts for a few minutes as opposed to 40 seconds or so. Get this along with the rest of your long songs.

Hymn to the Goddess - A song that increases team members magic attack, magic accuracy, and magic evasion. This is your second long song.

Echo Guard - A song that gives team members a buff to reflect damage and has a chance of even reflecting skills. This is your third and final long song.

Pet Sounds
These skills only focus on healing and buffing you and your team's pets without the need of a Musical Instrument. To save some tip time, at the very least get Soothing Serenade and Song of Serenity. The rest of these skills are mostly affordable if you are focusing on being a pet musician. Heck, if you can't get a pet yet, don't even bother with these unless you have a friend who's begging you. :p

Soothing Serenade - Heals the HP of allied pets. Get this.

Song of Serenity - Heals a fixed amount of MP of allied pets. Get this too.

Power Ballad - Raises the attack and magic attack of allied pets.

Defensive Ditty - Raises the defense and magic defense of allied pets.

Cheery Tune - Raises max HP and MP of allied pets.

Resurrect Pet - Revives one of your dead pets, and only your own pets. Due to the high amount of skill points this costs, you need to choose between this and Equip Musical Instrument. Since Pet Sounds don't require one anyway, you're pretty much deciding whether to be a pet musician or a party musician with this skill (feel free to disagree with me on that).

Pet Snack Song - Attacks enemies and grants HP and MP recovery of allied pets. Also makes some pet snacks that heal a % amount of a pet's HP and MP. You can make a market with the pet snacks. ;D

Pet Training Song - Raises accuracy and magic accuracy of allied pets, and grants them damage reflection.

Pet Prayer - Raises evasion, magic evasion, and block rate of allied pets.

Pet-Praising Song - Raises critical attack, movement speed, and HP and MP recovery rate of allied pets.

The miscellaneous skills of Musician.

Equip Musical Instrument - Enables you to equip Musical Instruments on any job.

Musical Instrument Mastery - Musical Instrument proficiency is increased by a certain % regardless of job. Useless without Equip Musical Instrument.

Soul Music - Increases MP healing skills cast by a certain %. Not needed at all.


Of course, you don't have to follow these recommendations, but these can save you some frustration later on.

Any magic job can do, including Different Dances Dancer and magical Witch Doctors. If you want to go full support, then definitely get Equip Syringe from Doctor and go from there (though it might be stressful to keep short songs and your syringe-required buffs/heals up). You might think with Sonic Swipe you could sub a physical job. NOPE. Sonic Swipe's buff wears off when you unequip your Musical Instrument, meaning that if you wanted those Blademaster and Hunter buffs along with Sonic Swipe's buff, you'd have to attack with a Musical Instrument, which doesn't have much attack power. In short, not worth it (whoever dares to do this and makes a significant success with proof gets a cookie).

You will mostly be focusing on Agility and Wisdom. Musicians tend to focus more on Agility first. Make sure you cap it to 103.

Pre-50 Leveling Spots

10-15: Anything in the well works. Grape Globs in the Town Hall Basement can be withered down with Courageous Chorus and the spamming of Sonic Swipe. You can also grab a friend and play the songs of your people for them just to make them happy.

15-20: You'll most likely be in a Caskmaster party. Musicians can still solo fairly well at this point due to Sonic Swipe, so prove that by whacking Little Eyes in Farrel Family Crypt, or if you're brave enough, the Pupu President Corpses in the Inn Basement.

20-25: You'll most likely be in a Male Bird of Paradise party. You could try your hand at Female Birds of Paradise, but if that takes too long or is too much, then go for Female Vampire Bats in Canute Canal.

25-30: You'll most likely be in a Neptune's Temple party. You might have difficulty subbing without some subs at this point if you aren't a pet musician (have the pet do the work for you!). Thus, I will assume you are and the mobs I recommend for you are based off of what your pet can easily handle from this point on. It will have a section of its own.

30-35: You'll most likely be in a Grizzly Garrison party.

35-40: You'll most likely be in a Pandora's Grotto party.

40-50: You'll most likely be in a Foggy Forest/Town-God Temple party.

Pet Places
To make this quick, here's a reference:

Metals have high HP and defense
Rocks have high attack
Jades/Wood Kukus have high evasion
Sapphires/Water Kukus are balanced
Rubies/Fire Kukus have high magic attack
Loves (AKA Lillies) are non-elemental and are more of a support pet

Therefore, where you grind your pet at or where you have your pet grind for you can vary based on what they are best at handling. For instance, Metals fare well against physical monsters, Rocks fare well against monsters with low defenses, Jades fare well with low accuracy monsters, Sapphires work especially well against fire monsters, Lillies need to stay safe since they aren't particularly offensive, and Rubies just like to nuke things that doesn't hit them too hard.

~Team Muse~
Since you're a Musician, despite you having sightly naturally better soloing capabilities than Doctor (meaning little to no subs), you will still find yourself looking for an AoE party often unless you're a pet musician. So here's some tips:

-Do NOT go afk for any reason without letting your team know. This means no surfing the web, playing games, etc. Your song playing on DoMO should be the focus.
-Play your long songs first, then play your short songs
-If you're struggling with MP, just keep Mystic Mantra up and sit down to recover faster. It might not work on yourself, but the rest of your party can still keep going. Later on, just use Transfusion Tune.
-Don't constantly spam your short songs unless you have an MP regen buff for yourself, such as Inner Magic.
-Only use Supersonic Swipe after your tank has used Mock Monsters/Wicked Windmill.

For more information about AoE parties, look at Kirbychu's Guide to AoE Parties (https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=75771).

~Life Quests~

Life Quests will give you extra fame points, a recipe for your respective job you do it on, a spring that gives you extra skill points for that job, and later on titles and a weapon itself. Here's what you have to do for Musician:

Level 20
Talk to Wolfgang in Eversun South. Make sure your Musical Instrument is equipped so he recognizes you as a Musician. He has trouble with a mouse lately. He tells you to tell his story to Mr. Clothear in Eversun City. He will give you a letter to be delivered to the Pasteuriser in Eversun North. He tells you the best way of getting rid of the mice, but he needs 3 Cypress Wood and 3 Liquid Rubber. These are dropped from the Tree and Oak Hole Kukus in front of Farrel Family Crypt. Return to him and exchange these for a Glue Trap. Return to Mr. Clothear with it and fight Lulu, the mouse. You will receive his (yes that's a boy) Grey Fur, which needs to be shown to Wolfgang to get your rewards.

Level 30
ok this one has so many steps and I'm getting exhausted at the time of writing this so here it is straight from the wiki

Talk to Mr. Clothear in Eversun City. He will give you a Nameless Lute.
Go near the southeast lake in Grassgreen Square to investigate the whereabouts of Wolfgang and the mouse demon Lulu. Click on The Shaded Spot on the ground at X:466 Y:498. You must have an instrument equipped, otherwise the plot will not start.
Fight 6 Doity Rats. You will receive a Music Box.
Search for the musical scores hidden in Placid Plain, Giantwood Forest and Grassgreen Square. There's a rumor that they've been seen by herders, lumberjacks, and fishermen. It's possible that they are hidden near these collection areas.
You can buy the Collection tools in Collington (Gregory Marshall, X:275 Y:353). Buy 1 Shoddy Rod, 1 Stone Ax and 1 Barley Acceptable Fodder. Head to the spots (you will see yourself talking when you approach to the area):
Grassgreen Square: X:192 Y:118 - Puddle Pebble. Receive Minim Scores. If you have trouble finding the dialogue bubble, take 10 steps away from the rock and try one of the following methods:
Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and point your cursor to the spot.
Try moving your camera so that it's at the same level as your character and then look at the rock from there. Then move your mouse below the rock.
Lower your camera and move it so that it is pointing at you from the pond and mouse between the trough and the horse and it'll eventually appear.
Set your camera in "Freedom" mode, zoom in all the way, and get close to the Puddle Pebble.
Giantwood Forest: X:295 Y:78 - Massive Maple. Receive Quaver Scores.
Placid Plain: X:480 Y:362 - Haystack. Receive Crochet Scores.
Go inside Pandora's Grotto (in Blakatoa) and find Lulu near the portal to the second level (X:313 Y:116). You'll need a musical instrument equipped.
FIGHT: Fight 6 Demonslayer Swordsman (level 22 non-elemental Musicians). You will have the assistance of Lulu and the 6 Doity Rats. During the fight, you can talk to Lulu and order him to use songs that heals Doity Rats or boost their stats. You will obtain Lulu's Necklace.
Lulu's NecklaceReturn to the Shaded Spot in Grassgreen Square and collect your rewards.

Level 40
Note: All level 40 Life Quests quests are generally the same.
Talk to Busker Biff in Placid Plain (next to Hannah the Dancer) and he will give you an invitation to be taken to O'Shea in Collington. You will get a Tome of Demonslaying. Next, kill the following in order:

Giant Metal Rat
Giant Wood Rat
Giant Water Rat
Giant Fire Rat
Giant Earth Rat

Each rat has increasing HP, so it will take longer to kill them as you progress. You can bring a party with you if you want. Do note that only the team leader receives credit, so if your team members need the level 40 Life Quest as well, switch team leaders after each rat kill. When you're done, report to O'Shea and receive your rewards.


That is finally it about Musician! A great job for utility, songs, and pets! Once you've capped out on it, you can decide to get re-skill book for either pet service or party raid service if you've been struggling to decide along the way.