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March 9th, 2015, 11:54 AM
hi it me Yukito in LH some of you know me as the one who goes and hide and sell things I this want to know what kind of things you guys want me to buy from the item and sell if you can get to me first you can buy it that if you can find me so this leave me a post of thing you want me to sell in my vendor ok bec I know all of you like it when I hide and make it challenge to find me so this leave me a post on here or whisper me on LH of what you guys want to see in my vendor ok my char in LH is Yukito ok it can be anything ok o and GM if you see this post a lot of people on here like it when I go and hide and sell thing from the item mall in my vendor if you GMs want to make it a event and take my idea it ok with me ok if you do can I do for you guys if you take my idea