View Full Version : Lucent Heart Version 9 is coming to you by next maintenance!~

March 12th, 2015, 03:02 PM
Hello Everyone,
We are so happy to announce that Lucent Heart Version 9 will now soon be out by Monday March 16, 2015. There will be a ton of new contents for the game which are, a tiny glimpse on the new contents are:

1) New map big location expansions such as Muse Garden, Cloud Castle, and Death's Boundary.

2) Plenty of New Quests. Some examples are:
• King’s Donkey Ears
• First Time Meeting
• Earth’s Rich Metals
• Servant’s Wish
• Simple Phoenix
• Unspoken Words

3) New Mounts. Examples:
• Obsidian Beast
• Ivory Angle
• Fierce Meira
• War Monster

4) New clothes/accessories. Examples:
• The World Set (f)
• Hierophant Set (f)
• Death Set (m)

5) New equipments:
• Dragon Set
• Sacred Set
• Goddess Set

6) New Battle Pets. Examples:
• Hattori Hanzo
• Hera
• Joan of Arc

7) New Passive Pets:
•Riki The Lion

8) New consumables such as:
• Apollo’s Tears
• Mercenary's Magic Potion
• Experimental Mercenary Potion 1

9) New Battle Mounts:
• Fortune Wheel (R)
• Light Armor

Now, these are definitely not even a fifth of what Lucent Heart Version 9 has in store for you all!!! Please stay tuned and wait for any future updates regarding this news. We hope that you are all very excited! :X


Best Regards,
GM J0mart