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"Earth. Water. Fire. Air. Long ago the four nations lived in harmony. Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked."- Katara from Avatar: Last Airbender


Hello there! You've come to the right place if you're interested in Shaman. They're a magic DPS class that wields the power of the four seasons (or rather, the five elements of the game: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. They share this trait with Fencer). Unlike Wizards, they don't need scrolls to attack, and their spells go off a lot quicker, giving them a DPS feel. However, they don't have as much burst potential. This job naturally equips Robes and Wands.

How to Get?!
Talk to Shannon the Shaman near the stairs of the Planetarium. You will be asked to deliver a letter to Marple the Shaman, Rainy the Shaman, Cherry the Shaman, and Snowy the Shaman. They will each give you a seasonal book. Once complete, talk to Shannon again to receive the Shaman job.

Seasonal Magic
These skills focus on the power of the elements. All of the are damaging skills, from single target to AoE. Getting all the single targets are a must, but the AoEs are optional.

Snow Shower - Single target Metal attack. This is your starting skill, thus it's the first in your spell cycle.

Ides of March - Single target Wood attack. The second skill in your spell cycle.

Tidal Torrent - Single target Water attack. The third skill in your spell cycle.

Heatstroke Hex - Single target Fire attack. The fourth skill in your spell cycle.

Coming of Autumn - Single target Earth attack. The last skill you'll get in your spell cycle.

Blizzard - AoE Metal attack.

Blackthorn - AoE Wood attack.

Acid Rain - AoE Water attack. Don't confuse this with Acid Rain Scroll.

Summer Solstice - AoE Fire attack.

Scorched Earth - AoE Earth attack.

Nature Magic
These skills focus more on self-buffs, debuffs, and non-elemental attacks.

Summer Sun - Debuff that reduces the target's magic defense. It's free extra damage for your elemental spells, why not consider this unless you're going for Equip Wand?

Hoar Frost - Debuff that reduces the target's defense. Nope. Nope. Nope. The only valid reason I'd see you getting this is if you're going to sub this entire skill set on a physical job. Personally I still consider it a waste of skill points.

Spring Cleaning - Self-buff that increases MP regeneration. This is quite honestly a weak skill in the beginning. If you have/are planning to get something like Inner Magic or Control Breathing, don't bother with this unless you're going to get Malicious Mirror. Although, this skill has no cost requirement, so it can work as an alternative.

Heavy Frost - Debuff that snares the target. Very helpful in general; kiting or PvP. Your goal as a magic damage class is to kill before they even touch you, right? No need to level this up unless it's a PvP reason or for getting Choking Climber.

Heatstroke - Debuff that produces damage over time. Nice and handy, optional.

Deep Heat - Single target attack that reduces the target's magic defense. Damage-wise, it's about as powerful as your elemental spells by the time you can get it. Great offensive tool to have.

Frostbite - Single target attack that reduces the target's defense. Physical class or not, please...just don't get this. It's near useless on physical classes because it's a magic attack. You can put your skill points into something better.

Malicious Mirror - Self-buff that grants a chance to reflect skills and spells. Probably best used in PvP, or against magic mobs. Chances are kinda low btw.

Choking Climber - AoE snare. This lasts for a ridiculously long time, making it one of the best clutch escape tools, or for "tanking" in raids (https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=75779).
Note: I do not recommend the above guide unless you're a god

Swarm - Single target attack that applies damage over time. Yes, this stacks with Heatstroke. Like Heastroke itself, this skill is optional.

Shaman Skills
The miscellaneous skills of Shaman.

Equip Wand - Enables you to equip Wands on other jobs.

Mega Magic - Increases maximum MP. If you have the spare skill points, go for it.

Yin Yang Transform - Increases MP healing received by a certain %. Probably not too necessary AND it requires Mega Magic first, but I guess it's worth a shot since you'll be spamming skills all the time for reliable damage.


Of course, you don't have to follow these recommendations, but these can save you some frustration later on.

Wizard is a good option if you want/need bigger burst, or if your other skills are on cooldown. Of course, by doing this you need to make sure you have plenty of Scrolls on hand. Doctor, Musician, magical Witch Doctors or Different Dances Dancer can work too. Fencers might work but the penalties hurt.

Wisdom and Agility. Try and put some points on Agility so you can spam more spells, but cap it at 103.

Pre-50 Leveling Spots

10-15: I'd prefer Globs and Pearly Tadpoles in the well if you're soloing. If you really want to take on Golden and Grape Globs then get a partner, since your spell cycle may not be complete at this point for their higher HP or the fact your auto attacks just plain suck.

15-20: Avoid Greedy Rats, just go straight to Little Eyes in Farrel Family Crypt. Later on, take on Noddy Stones in Placid Plain. If you have Wizard AoEs subbed, you can use those in a Caskmaster party. Don't forget your Scrolls if you choose to do this!

20-25: Continue with Noddy Stones if you are not confident in your abilities. There's also King-Sized Kuku Eggs and Female Birds of Paradise in Phoenix Tower. If you have Wizard AoEs, join a Male Bird of Paradise party.

25-30: Female Birds of Paradise are still doable until level 28 where the exp might get really bad for you. If that is the case, try Crimson Globs in Neptune's Temple. If you're brave (and strong) enough, Stubborn Stones in Grassgreen Square or Ice Zombies in Neptune are options. Might be a lot safer to do the stones since the zombies and the surrounding King Globs/Ghosts are aggro. And of course, Wizard AoE subs = Crimson Glob quest spam or Man-Eating Zombie party.

30-35: Stubborn Stones and Ice Zombies become better options. At this point, you're finally able to get the Shaman AoE spell cycle, which means you're free to join any AoE party without having to worry about Scrolls. Join a Grizzly Garrison party if you plan on AoEing with Shaman. If not, then eh, Wizard subs can still work.

35-40: Perhaps the wizards in Quintuple Manor suit your taste? If not, look for any relatively safe magic mob (or anything that'll die quickly to your spell cycle) to solo. If AoE, then join a Pandora's Grotto party.

40-50: Same as before, look for any magic mob or something that will die quickly to your spell cycle. If AoE, then join a Foggy Forest/Town-God Temple party.

~Life Quests~

Life Quests will give you extra fame points, a recipe for your respective job you do it on, a spring that gives you extra skill points for that job, and later on titles and a weapon itself. Here's what you have to do for Shaman:

Level 20
Talk to Anson Charleston in Eversun City. Then go talk to Nanny Charleston in Blaktoa's Charleston Manor. Just access Blaktoa from Eversun South, it's the safer path. Then you'll want to buy a Sandalwood Incense from a Meditation Merchant. With it, talk to Nanny once more and be prepared to fight two waves of monsters: Three Tadpole Tyrants & a Croaky with two more Tadpole Tyrants. Once you've killed them, Nanny will give you your reward.

Level 30
Talk to Darcy Churm in Eversun City. You need to pay him 10 gold so you can get his secret key. With this key, go down to the Secret Storehouse Entrance in the Inn Basement (located at X: 422 Y: 327). You will now need to go through a series of missions which can steadily kill you, so make sure you have some form of healing with you.

The first mission involves matching portals:
Aqua -> Pond
Flame -> Mountain
Thunder -> Land
Wind -> Sky

Wrong answers will make you lose 10% of your HP and MP. Next, you will have to answer questions based on the Five Elements Theory. It also involves five elemental monsters that will be attacking you as you answer these questions. To answer, you must physically attack the element it is referring to.

Earth beats Water
Fire beats Metal
Metal beats Wood
Water beats Fire
Wood beats Earth

Earth boosts Metal
Fire boosts Earth
Metal boosts Water
Water boosts Wood
Wood boosts Fire

Right answers will cause the monsters to lose 10% of their HP. Wrong answers will heal them.

After you've completed that, you will receive Churm's chest. Bring it back to Darcy to receive your rewards.
Level 40
Note: All level 40 Life Quests quests are generally the same.
Talk to Shannon the Shaman and you will recieve an invitation to be taken to O'Shea in Collington. You will get a Tome of Demonslaying. Next, kill the following in order:

Giant Metal Rat
Giant Wood Rat
Giant Water Rat
Giant Fire Rat
Giant Earth Rat

Each rat has increasing HP, so it will take longer to kill them as you progress. You can bring a party with you if you want. Do note that only the team leader receives credit, so if your team members need the level 40 Life Quest as well, switch team leaders after each rat kill. When you're done, report to O'Shea and receive your rewards.


That's it for Shaman. It's a nice job to poke around with, but you will be ridiculed in raids since magic dps becomes terrible at that point. When in doubt, join the fire nation and attack. Thanks for reading!

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