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March 28th, 2015, 03:32 AM
Welcome to my Doodle Corner!!

First off some quick rules:
1. Be nice!! (given)
2. Dont steal
3. and dont be afraid to ask me stuff!!

Ok now about myself
I am a digital artist and honestly I'm bored and do commission works on my other pages like
My Deviantart (http://Lyrrenclock.Deviantart.com)
My Furaffinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/yaminohanna/)
My Facebook Art Page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lyrren-Clock/776790162368510?ref=aymt_homepage_panel)
Feel free to hop over there to see more of my work (cant post alot of it due to TOS)

anyway currently I have no domo fan art yet to showcase but I do have one image to show off my recent work and that would be the image I used as my icon on here!!

Ok so I will be offering services here for SP In game items and pets in DOMO (preferably want my lil Simi back from areia was an SE2 Lilly)
so I will be posting a current "what I want" list

What I am always up for getting:
Evolution Stones
Pet Tokens
Pet Tags
Ruby Egg's (any version)
Love Egg's (any version)
Sara's (when out)
Costumes (perms only and yes male or female)
EXP and Fortune Boosters
Bag expansions (ask which one before buying)
and well if its not on this list ask me XD

What I offer:
Domo related art (will try best not used to it)
Signature Banners (will try best)
anything else just ask!!

My Tools Used:
Wacom Bamboo Splash (rare)
Wacom Intuos4 Large
Paint Tool Sai
GIMP (for animations ask me about it)

How to Contact me:
IGN LyrrenClock (send mail I afk vend alot)
DA: LyrrenClock
FA: Yaminohanna
FB: Lyrren Clock

Or you can message me here I will try my best to keep on top of checking here

If you are having issues contacting me on any of these for any reason shoot me an email at yaminohanna1989@gmail.com I will respond asap as its tied to my phone!!

Note to Forum Mods: If I have accidentaly broke any TOS please lemme know I'm sorry I did read the rules and I'm trying to follow to the best of my understanding thank you!!