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March 29th, 2015, 04:18 AM
"Moonlight shines upon the guilty and innocent alike." - Luna Moonfang -

Welcome to .:|MoonLight|:. guild thread. May Elune's power shines upon thee.

.:|MoonLight|:. guild is a casual role-playing guild, open for people who lives in the world where moon light shines upon them. We are moon brothers and sisters, we are moon warriors. The moon herself is our mother and Elune is our goddess.

P.S.: I say this is a role-playing guild, but this is actually my first time creating one. If you have experienced a role-playing guild before, your counsel is much appreciated!
P.S.S.: This thread is only a guild concept. We have not created the guild itself.

The Five Moon Branches:

The New Moon Faction - Emphasize on Student Teacher Relationship
A country has an Immigration Department, a company has a Human Resource Department, .:|MoonLight|:. has the New Moon Faction. The goddess Elune wants her experienced children to guide her younger one, levelling them level 20 as a way to increase our bond and guild fame. If you like helping young moon brothers and moon sisters, or if your character is lower than level 20 when you joined, or if you simply want to have experience on recruiting people, this is a branch for you.

The Crescent Moon Faction - Emphasize on Farming and Collecting
The night goddess commanded to reserve a place on her guild for your alt-char whose responsibility would be to collect materials. Such materials will be converted by the hand of our alchemists to provide our main-char the weapon and armour to slay our enemies. (We are recruiting alchemists too!)

The Half Moon Faction - Emphasize on PVE
The first destination Elune bestowed to a matured moon warrior. Those who wish to seek glory in the art of PVE belong in this branch. Your build emphasize on the PVE nature. Should we grow strong enough to take on guild raids, The Half Moon Faction will act as our Vanguard.

The Gibbous Moon Faction - Emphasize on PVP
PVE is not your cup of tea, you would sooner competing against other players in combat. Your blood boils as you claim victory against your fallen foe, and you seek vengeance against those who got the better of you in the past. Welcome to The Gibbous Moon Faction.

The Full Moon Faction - Emphasize on Elder Quest
Guild fame is what makes a guild a guild. It allows us to grow, increasing our guild level and expanding our member limit. It is the greatest contribution a moon warrior can bring to the guild. As such, it is only right for Elune to grant them the honour of her Full Moon Faction.

The Moon Commandments

We use Elven Tongue. English is acceptable, but thou shall not introduce other languages to our guild chat.

Moon warriors do not go absent. They went to eclipse state instead. State how long you will be under eclipse, and we will reserve your spot inside the guild. Those who went to eclipse state without prior notice may keep their spot in the guild. However, should a new moon brother/sister join us and we do not have enough guild space, he/she will replace the member with longest eclipse time without notice.

Switching Factions
You may switch between factions at any time when an Elder or the Branch Head is online.

Warehouses / Banks
A moon warrior may only put elder quest items and alchemy materials inside the shared warehouses.

How to Join
We are still looking for elders to create the guild with. I have a few friends but they are all from the same country, which defeats the spirit of diversity. Please reply to this thread if you're interested, stating your:

In Game Name
Why would you like to join and which position you're interested in.