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April 9th, 2015, 01:03 AM
Grettings Domo comunity

I Never played the AEG version of DOMO, so yes Im a noob and new arround here, this game to me has been a little more complex than I expected but... I always like play with the wirdest character in MMORPG, so I have a centric question

I readed a lot about Witch Doctor, and I really like the skill description and everything but there somethigs I dont understand and Hopefully you guys answer n.n

The Witch doctor is a Melee Or Ranged character?

Can have Hybrid configuration?

I readed a lot the wiki but Im confused, cuz the main weapon for WD is dagger, it thats mean is a melee but can use staffs too thats makes it ranged?

I hope you guys could help me with this thx n.n

iMorph Doc 30 Merc 30 Hunter 10 WD (Waiting release)

April 9th, 2015, 04:22 AM
WD is melee, in terms of auto-attack. Because attacking with daggers or wands is melee.
In terms of skills, some has short range, some has long range. If you feel that is what you call "ranged", be my guest.

WD is able to equip daggers and wands because their skills are either physical or magical. Note that daggers give higher physical attack and wands gives higher magical attack, thus boosting the respective skills power.

By 'hybrid', do you mean like hybrid muse(taking bits and pieces of pet sounds and musical magic) or something? If yes, then yes you can. I mean, why not?

April 9th, 2015, 04:25 AM
well as you should have known you could literally play however you like on DOMO

so I guess to answer the melee or ranged WD,
there's 2 type of WD that I've known so far, the caster, and the attack type

as the name says caster WD is using magic to level so a wand would be compatible with it, you would most likely be raising some wisdom stats if you choose to be a caster too as you'll be relying alot on M.Atk and it's best to have at least one of shaman/wizard subs since you won't have any hard hitting skills on your own

and now for the 2nd one the attack type, this is more of a BM/thief/hunter type if you put it in a solo condition, you basically use the skill that boost your attack and attack speed

as for hybrid I have never tried it before so you could go maybe something like 2 agility 1 wisdom if you want to play as a hybrid I can't think of any good subs to use but probably as usual doc subs are needed

April 9th, 2015, 09:16 AM
WD is the most complex class in the game, but also very fun to experiment and solo/duo with:

WD can heal itself by using Poison and Poison-Purifying Bug together.
Create consumables (including summons/pets).
Boost sitting effectiveness for a team.
Kite with Stalling Poison.
Boost its own Attack/m-attack which stacks with other skills and stacks with itself 5 times.
Add 20-60% damage or more to an attackspeed build.

WD has two aoes, neither of them are good and poison damage doesn't do much when you have a good setup, so if you intend to aoe you need to sub them. WD is still very useful in teams though considering level 1 Scarab gives 8 MP per tick to anyone in your team while they're sitting and is gained at level 14, compare with Inner which gives 7 MP per second at level 1, needs level 33 Doc and doesn't do anything for your team members. Also stacks with other MP regens. The only problem with Scarab is it needs the WD passive to use on other classes since it uses a bug.

3 Agi to 102 is the best build imo, since MP isn't going to be much of an issue with Scarab, BM buffs are going to have long downtime without Agi. Cooldown reduction also benefits both physical and magic skills.

April 9th, 2015, 10:13 PM
Hello and thanks for your answers .

They have answered me and have taken the doubts that had

Sere more precise explaining what I want to do

My idea is a character range ( am determined to be the hunter ) having the ability to do high DPS and DOT simultaneously with either full or with magic or physical attacks , or masters

If would be possible? and how would it be?

April 10th, 2015, 06:25 AM
I love Witch Doctor, I play it like a mage and to be fair its damage isn't too shabby subbed on other classes.
Agony and Souleater bug have good synergy together and Explosive Bug is one of my favourite skills (lengthy cast time but good damage, especially on classes which use Physical and Magical attacks Dancer/Fencer)

Sanctuary Scarab....is so nice its unreal >.< (Plant Bug skills you should get on alts...because they are alot of points that you could be using for better things)

I tried Liquid Venom (3 wis) and Poison Strike (3 Pow) and they tend to do lackluster damage for the first few levels so I reskilled out of them, I assume Strike becomes good at endgame where Physicals dominate. (Didnt get the AOE's)

Blood Boil is a better detox for damage dealers. If someone has detox cast on them and cant remove it ...you can use level 1 purifying bug >.<

Martial Hex is what helps tip the scale to physical's, Withered Earth is great for the whole raid not just one team :)

Everything except Martial Hex/Blood Boil/Strike Venom and their Aoes require the equip skill ^.^

My idea is a character range ( am determined to be the hunter ) having the ability to do high DPS and DOT simultaneously with either full or with magic or physical attacks , or masters

If I remember right there is something like a DOT cap on DOMO where its only 5 at once, thats for players and monsters alike (which is why Blood Boil only stacks that amount of times)

Your damage would be lackluster if someone else was using DoT's as well as you'd both be covering each other.