View Full Version : Lucent Heart Version 9 Fixes Will Be Coming Soon!~

April 16th, 2015, 03:09 PM
Hello Everyone,

We are happy and relieved to announce that we got confirmation from Playcoo that we will be receiving a patch as early as April 24, 2015. These fixes will address the major issues that has made version 9 nearly unplayable. The fixes are as follows:

- High level material selling prices have been reduced (Some a lot more than others) which will eliminate any current gold exploits that can be done via OEM crafting and will significantly slow and possibly eliminate the rapid increase in the gold economy. We will look at how to handle the current state of the gold economy once the material prices have been lowered.

- The NPC "Hand" that is suppose to be found in Thereall is currently missing, this NPC is supposed to teleport players to the new areas of version 9. This will be fixed as well.

- Dance skills will be fixed

- The fixing of the Core of Ice and Fire I quest. The item Nuclear Fire Heart should appear properly in Heart of Fire once the fix is implemented.

- Landmarks for the new dungeons should be visible by the time the game has been patched

We hope that these fixes will surely enable everyone to experience what version 9 is all about. Again, we greatly apologize for the disastrous release of version 9. It is our commitment to ensure that this doesn't happen again. Once we've righted the ship, we can get to work right away on the next big release and ensure that it's done right.

Best Regards,
GM Team