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May 1st, 2015, 04:13 AM
Sooooo, guys! I like to write stories, but this time I decided to do something different. I will report the troubles and not so heroic acts of my first DoMO character ever!

I doubt anyone here has made the same mistakes as me. But I want to share my experience as newbie.

Oh, I wrote in haste so the formatting isn't so good... Anyway, I hope it serves for something.


The following events are based on virtual facts.
No names were changed to protect anyone.

(In fact, they have not even been inserted.)

The Misadventures of Ponta
Starring Ponta, the Newbie Sprite


Day 1

So, what to do? Where to start?! Well... At the beginning, I think.

The place seemed deserted, so during the tutorial I decided to play with the settings, to see what was possible. Some adjustments in graphics, camera... WASD seemed to be pretty neat, and I didn't know but it would save my life many times...!

Oh, well. After the King wait you're girl scene... If the place where I was looked like a funeral, Eversun City looked like a flea market!

Heck! People on my right, left, behind, front, above... Wait, above?! URRRRRR... *falls*

It was hard to see NPCs, but I think the first one I decided to speak was the Eversun Guide.

No regrets, that guy made me meet some of the most important NPCs in city. (I guess.)

LOL! I was having my first contact with a seller when a female Shura came in front of me. Imagine someone with his back to you, and with a tail rubbing on your face. WHAT AWKWARD SCENE... Weeeell, walking through the city I couldn't fail to notice several things that I could spend all day telling, but my story is long.

SoOoOo... In short, I finished the first Guide quest. :D

Moving on to the next ones. Hey, there seems to be action in these!

Going forward the city I faced the monsters. Everything seemed so fresh! I was still getting used to the controls and interface. Anyway, easy task.

Oh, Level 8! Chasm King was about to tell me about the jobs, and even asked why I was ignoring him. But I just didn't know how to stand. URRRRRR, managed it after few seconds.

I was back to city to get my reward. But wait, why I couldn't finish the quest after talking to the Guide?! IS THIS A BUG? I KILLED THE WRONG MONSTERS? AM I DOOMED?! Oh, it's the last option I should pick.

Weeeeee~ First title acquired, and Level 10 at last! Time to meet the Martial Arts Master.

To be honest, I thought I would die on the way to the Master, but I arrived without a scratch. (And I would go back with a black eye.)

And then the qualification test! LOL, that test sounded like a comical anime scene, but I managed to receive the Master punch. Urrrrr... He left me with only 48 HP. In fact, without that Eversun Guide title that punch would had KO'ed for good!

Riiiiight. Level 10, Martial Artist... And now? Sleep, it's late!


Day 2

The first thing I did was to test my new skills.

Holy... I'm defeating the monsters so easily now! I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD!

No kidding. Level 11 and I was full of myself, so confident that I thought it was time to face the Flying Frog King, alone (even knowing this should be done in group). I heard laughs? I think I heard laughs!

WEEEEELLL... I didn't die, but I ran a lot. Lesson learned. (Not really.)

Heck, I'm still traumatized. I can't listen to Crazy Frog without having chills.

Riiight. I decided to return to the previous map and continue quests, until a message appeared. My weapon could be improved!

I then returned to Eversun City and I was lucky since the very first item in the very first shop I clicked was the item I was looking for to upgrade my staff. Would be the fate in my favor?


MY... My staff had become stronger, but I couldn't use it! Not until I reach Level 15.

Duuuuuuude, I couldn't spend all I have in a new staff, so I took a beginner sword I had and moved on... "Dum, dumb, dumb!" *beating myself*

I was managing to face the monsters with ease (kinda) and wouldn't be hard to reach the Level 15 without my staff, buUuUuUut I had another brilliant idea.

I was full of maps, but had never crossed my mind to use them. Well, so I used... And a message appeared. They seemed tracks, I followed diligently until a pop-up message appeared.

WHAT THE...?! I was teleported to an area and several monsters began to appear!

Without my staff I was an easy target. (With my staff I'm still an easy target, but you get the point.)

If I kept attacking one by one slowly, being attacked by all, I would die. So I did what should be done: RUN!

Not only run, but run in circles, then use recovery items and return to the ass kicking when possible.

HAHAHA, GREAT! I beat that angry mob with awful hit-and-run tactics. But, wait... Another angry mob?! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING...

HIT-AND-RUN tactics again aAaAaAnd... Done!

At the end of a chest finally appeared, along with the exit. When open, 3 items: Apple Wood, Dragon Onyx and Bronze Ring. Not sure if that was good, but I collected everything and continued my shameful journey.

*sigh* Still Level 12 and discouraged. Time to go back Eversun City and complete some quests. In particular, that Inn quest for which I always delay.

Haha! Here I had the opportunity to join a guild! (Wait, it's another story.)

Back to the plot, I was appointed to find someone near a well, so with nothing to do I went over there, even if it meant waiting.

Riiight, I couldn't wait and in one of my foolish impulses I clicked on a NPC next to the well. She gave me a quest that involved creating a rope. Hmmm, it sounds easy.

And so it was. OH! On the way I clicked on a vase and got a recipe (from there I would click on all vases).

Well, back to the rope. I gave it to the NPC and... OH, NO! NOT AGAIN, PONTA. *atomic facepalm*

Awesome, I was in the underground. But, seriously... Eversun City is full of people, BELOW?! Who would say... (Not me.)

Weeell, right there was a NPC with quests and I thought: "Sure, why not. I'm here anyway."

I was lost. I mean, REALLY lost. Lost with a capital F. But I followed doing the quests, one by one.

Over the time I began to use AFK people as references. URRRRRRRR, it was super effective... Until I was killed by a Pearly Tadpole, mah first death. T_T


Riiiight, revenge done. I decided to finish the zombie related quests I started before (I don't remember when exactly).

Leech Lich... Had to use rit-and-hun tactics here too. But, yeah! Level 15, and Chasm King appears to tell me about learning to fly.

"But, Sir. That frog kicked my butt."

Oh, well. I had my staff and confidence back, MY BODY WAS READY. But for what exactly?

Treasures! I still had many maps and knew this time wouldn't be hard cuz I had my staff back, and this was stronger. WRONG! THIS WASN'T.

Of course I was less weak, but the monsters I faced previously, they were weak too.

The monsters that appeared this time were big, really big. But again I won with my awfulesome hit-and-run tactics.

When I finished collecting the treasures I was Level 16 and I'm not sure what made me keep going, but when I realized I was in Copperhorn Mountain. First NPC sighted, quests picked!

Hey, I was enjoying that place. It was easy leveling. When I realized I was Level 18, but I decided to go back. Settle accounts...

Unlucky enough, I was with the map open while walking along Swan Lake Basin and a giant plant killed me. (Seriously, where that thing come from?)

Riiiight, a shortcut to the city. (And it only cost me 10% EXP! *thumbs up*)

With some items in the bank (cuz I had no idea what to do with them), I decided to do one last thing before going to sleep: KILL DA FROG. I heard laughs? I think I head laughs.

The fight began! I was causing significant damage, but so was he. Heck! If I'd only brought healing items... Needless to say, once again I dishonored the pants I wear and ran without looking back.

URRRRRRRRR... I had started the Thief Qualification quest previously and decided to continue, to pick some new skills, aAaAand after being robbed so many times I had only 57G, poor equipment that could break the next day and still many doubts, but... AWWW, YEAH. I'm Thief.

Seriously, I couldn't stop myself. I became a Thief, used my other Voucher for Level 10 Equipment and went to test my new skills!

Thief, Level 12, bedtime!


Day 3

I was in the Eversun City, without knowing exactly what quest to continue or start (or quit). Well, I was enjoying fighting in Copperhorn Mountain, so I decided to store some trash stuff in the bank and return.

While fighting... Huh, Super Combo? What the heck is that? *click* UUUUUURRRR, THIS WAS AWESOME. I have no idea what this is, but if it contains "Super" in the name this should be cool. (Look at me, I'm Super Lame!)

I could level up my staff. HAHAHA, NO WAY. But I'll wait until Level 20...

Well, back to the quest. I was in the part 3, just missing the hedgehogs. (Come here, Sonic!)

These guys are tough, I could evade from most other monsters attacks, but they had good accuracy and attack, enough to make me have to sit after a few rounds.

I was already making use of some Thief skills along with Martial Artist, which helps a lot. BuUuUt out of nowhere a Doctor (I think) appeared, healed me and also buffed me.

I thanked him, since in less than 3 days of play I had even been challenged to a duel (from nowhere too), but never healed.

While slowly abating hedgehogs, once again I was healed and buffed. Heck, what nice guy!

I asked if I was slowing him, cuz I can be a nail in the foot sometimes. He said no, but still I preferred to walk away a bit so as not to disturb him.

Suddenly, the warning that my equipment was nearly breaking. Mah pants! (Was the Frog kick so strong?) But I was so close to the Level 20. I had to continue!

The quests were quite speeding things, also a Sandstone Ladybug I found was crucial since I was in my 90%+.

While returning to Eversun City I think my attributes don't seem to be making much difference and unable to strengthen the skills I like it's better to think about improving my equipment, or things can start to get harsh...

Oh, well. To the bank!

I thought I had the materials to improve my staff: Mapple Wood and Animal Fat... But I had APPLE Wood. *facepalm*

Once again, betrayed by my own incompetence.

I wanted this item quick and knew I'd find in some store, but anyway I had only 27 gold (... LOL). Since I needed to get rid of some items, I thought it was time to sell some... So I took a few items that I thought were worth something and started to look the others shops to have a price reference.

If I saw an item that I had, I would sell it for 80% of that price or less.

I realized that some items had an absurd price variation, like, more than 100%. Still, I think I got the references I needed.

Hmm, now I just needed a good place for my first shop. Oh, and a title, of course. (BUY SUMETHIN' PLEEZ.)

HECK! I didn't realize how hard it was to get a place until I tried. It was like getting a good place in a crowded beach, or a spot in a parking lot. URRRRRRRR... LOOKS LIKE AN CHALLENGE. An awkward challenge, but a challenge...

After many fails I was in front of the weapons shop, until I saw something... THE FANTASTICAT! I needed to find him to complete a quest. Plus, he was walking exactly in what seemed a vacant place. Fate decided to help at least?


I set up my stall. And nothing... The prices were right (based on what I've seen), but still no one was buying anything. Not sure how long I waited, but eventually I got tired and decided to sell some items to the NPC. I didn't need much anyway.

With the money I improved my staff, created 2 slots and put 2 onyxes I had collected (7% damage with my class and 10 Fire damage I think). That's what I could do, and to test whether I really was stronger I decided to face a certain subject: FROG. (3rd or 4th Round?)

I heard laughs? I thiIiIiInk I heard laughs.

Anyway, there I was again... And I won! I won, I won, I WON! And I sat on his corpse, that's all. (Weeeee are the champions, mah friend.)

URRRRR, right. I learned to fly. Not a great achievement, but heck! Flying is so cool! I flew between Chinese lamps, I flew over the Planetarium, I even tried to get into the Ironmonger chimney. (Just because.)

Oh, well. Back to the Copperhorn Mountain, I was determined to reach Level 22 before going to sleep, and for that Darkdale seemed to be a suitable place to pick up some quests.

Well, not really. I had done 3 or 4 quests and only gained 1 Level.

Okay, next location... URRRRR, I see only one: Placid Plain! Again I took several quests at the same time, predicting that I would spend a lot of time on that map. But I was tired, the time spent trying to make money was somewhat wasted.

Darn! I died by an oversight. Should I back or...? YES, OF COURSE!

Few minutes later, another death... It's official, I'm exhausted. End of Day 3. D:

May 1st, 2015, 02:15 PM
LF Day 4


May 1st, 2015, 09:24 PM
-applause echoes throughout the forum as fans demand "day 4"-


May 1st, 2015, 10:00 PM
I demand more days, therefore you must continue to enjoy this game

Seriously though, nice comic relief.

May 2nd, 2015, 07:27 AM
Haha, I'm glad someone actually liked.

I can't update daily cuz I don't play daily... But it's okay, I'll write a little more about the next ones.

May 2nd, 2015, 10:49 PM
Day 4

Alright, guys!

Today is a special day. Not just cuz it's holiday, but cuz I'm finally going to play with a fellow.

Actually, we should have started our adventure together, but due to the real matters that wasn't possible. Anyway, she had logged in before me and so I went looking for her.

Before proceeding I think a brief introduction is needed about this person...

She is unbelievable. I mean, she does unbelievable things. Things that defy science and the whole universe itself. In fact, she is light years more interesting than me. Buuut this story isn't about her, right?

URRRRRR... Proceeding.

Her first impression when stepping in Eversun City for the first time was no different from mine, TOO... MUCH... PEOPLE! Funny enough, when I logged this time I got a automatic tip about using CTRL + P to minimize this "problem". Tip I made sure to pass on to her! (Sharing is caring~)

I thought it would be a good idea to train some Thief skills, get the Bully Beater title and help her at the same time. That way everybody wins, right? WRONG.

She was having a hard team trying to find the mailbox (I sent her a letter earlier) and after I found her using coordinates I realized that ironically the mailbox was, like, 10 meters to the right. *facepalm*

Also, another surprise. She was... Level 3. õ_õ

Not sure what she did (I never know), but we couldn't share EXP with this difference! Well, since her level was too low I advised her to pick some quests, being one of the first she accepted was about looking for dogs and cats in the city.

Meanwhile I was getting instructions on how to make money from my guild leader. Indeed, I was ignoring many aspects of the game up to that point. Pets, alchemy, daily events, gathering materials and who knows what else... So that was extremely useful and crucial for the following events. Why? Let's proceed.

My fellow was still stuck in her first quest (the cats and dogs thing). It took me awhile to complete this one too (*cough* days *cough*), so I thought I'd better help her, from above! Within minutes we had finished this one and another, proceeding to the quests involving combat.

While doing these quests, here comes one Pupu President right above me and starts chasing me! I did what I do best (RUN!), while my fellow did everything she could (sit back and laugh... a lot). That Pupu President would spawn again later and fart in my face. Oh, well... *sigh*

URRRRRRRRRR, seriously. You guys have never seen me flying, but if I could define in a few words it would be something more or less like the "Drunk Harry Potter Style". I... I... Got stuck in a tree while returning to Eversun City. (Someone call the fire department! And the CNN.)

Fortunately I was helped by a guild member. *down* Proceeding...

Up to this point she was ready to change jobs, but I was worried. She wanted to become a Dancer and I knew absolutely nothing about, not even about the quest.

But, OK. I trusted that she had read the DoMO Wiki and we proceeded to Placid Plain. (After I explained how the map should be used since she was lost.)

Wait, this map...?! I found it odd that was necessary to walk through Placid Plain, since there are monsters that can spank beginners with ease. I offered to escort her, but I knew we both could die on the way.

Yeah, she died. The very same monsters that killed me 2 times in a row.

I managed to get to NPC, but I was really worried about whether she would get well. So I tried to find another path, a safe path!

PONTA TO THE RESCUE! (Not really.)

Errrrrr, I failed. This path ended in a dead end. (I found a vase, though!)

*cough* Well... My tip was the same, if she stayed away from the Man-Eating Marigolds she would be fine. She said she would try, but then I encouraged her saying that there was no try, but do or not do! (Thankz, Master Yoda.)

Once there, the NPC required money. (How much longer I'll be robbed by NPCs?)

Luckily I had 666G (wait, that doesn't sound right) and I gave her the necessary money.

She said: "God bless you." (Translating: She will never pay me.)

Buuuuut, that was only part of the quest, the next part apparently involved collect items that could be found in the previous map. At least that's what I thought according to what she said...

My fellow said she was tired, but I said I wanted to see her the Dancer first. And, heck! I really would like to see her reach the Level 15, and then face the Frog... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not evil or anything...


Oh, well. We collect one of the items and just missing another: 1 Down. But, wait... What the heck is that? It doesn't drop from any monster, so I decided to check the Wiki and... Yeah, that was a refined material. One of those things I was ignoring so far. õ_õ

Since she was tired and I knew that such a thing could take some time I told her she could sleep and I would take care of the rest. She asked if it was a hard task and I said no. Actually, I didn't know if it would be hard or not, but I was sure I would do it and I didn't want her to worry.

So that is, I was solo again, and with a mission. Fortunately, the tips my guild leader had given me were about obtaining such materials. She even had passed me a link from the Wiki, just with everything I needed!

So I knew what to do: Buy 1 Barley Acceptable Fodder, collect Chicken Feathers in Eversun North and refine them.

Funnily enough, I got lost on the way by overconfidence (I know, I'm sick) and ended up bumping into a large monster, but I dropped one Onyx and found a vase so it's okay. URRRRRRR, what matters is that I got teeeh item, but I still wanted to train my Thief skills. So I decided to finish some quests that I had started earlier, including the Bully Beater title thing, and also use some treasure maps.

Weeeell, when I finally got the Bully Beater title I noticed I already had a better title (URRRR...) and while hunting for treasures, I found 1 Down in one of the chests (UUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR).


Right, right. I was Level 15 as Thief, just wanting one more level before going to sleep. Too lazy to do calculations I went to Copperhorn Mountain, where I knew repeating part of the quests I would get one more level.

Heck, I had just arrived, picked up the quest and started to attack the monsters when suddenly someone jumped in the very monster I was attacking, at the same time calling me to a team.

Errrrrrr... Predicting that we were doing the same quest, I accepted.

SoOoOoO... We had some communication problems. For example, I didn't know which of the two types of monsters I should defeat first, since apparently she was advanced in the quest. (And I say "she" cuz it's a female character.)

Anyway, somehow we finished the quest about the same time and getting my Level 16 I decided to go back to Eversun City and change my job.

While returning, I'm (one more time) surprised at Swan Lake Basin by a large random monster who insists on pursuing me. (Note to myself: Change my perfume ASAP.)

I was near a flight point, so I thought: "IMPROVISE TIME!"



I don't know why, but before entering Eversun City this time, I had a sudden urge to go through under the bridge while flying. (If I was stucked again, I would know what to do. LOL.)

May 6th, 2015, 01:54 AM

I had used part of my spare time in the previous days to read the DoMO Wiki and some guides in the forums.

HECK! I must admit, this game has more complex mechanics than I imagined. I got lost reading about alchemy, cuz I was seeing a range of materials and items that until now I had ignored (or not even seen). With the certainty that I couldn't memorize all that, I decided it would be better to set a priority.

The Level 20 Martial Artist Life Quest would give me a recipe of a "better" weapon, so why not change clothes too?

YEAH, THAT'S IT! I was determined, with all materials noted my goal was set. Going from Level 21 to Level 25 and finish the day with a whole new equipment (from Level 10 to 23-25). Especially cuz I was seeing my Level 10 set breaking piece by piece, and despite having an extra set, use Level 10 equips forever sounds silly and unnecessary... (Seriously, there's a limit to everything.)

Seems pretty simple, right?


Well, the first thing I did was go to Collington to complete the Level 20 Martial Artist Life Quest, and heck, what city! I was tempted to fly through that giant hammer to see what would happen if I stayed under that, but I thought it was too early to be stupid.

This quest was pretty cool. Short, easy and with a Bruce Lee reference (although I prefer Jackie Chan). Anyway, back to Eversun City to make a new staff through alchemy, I had a setback... A setback called: my brain.

You see... To make the staff I would need Alchemy Level 10, and I thought that leveling Apex of Alchemy would make my Alchemy level rise too, like the other Commoner Skills.


(Laughs in 3... 2... 1...)

OBVIOUSLY that didn't happen, and I concluded that I should leveling it by force! *sigh* This would be a long night...

Looking for quick results, create cheap healing items seemed the fastest way to level up my skills.

URRRRRRRRRR, if I knew I would have to leave my character in the same place for so long I would have started playing earlier.


That's right, 4 hours later and I think my Alchemy Level was 5 or 6.

The failure had been confirmed, I wouldn't get a new equipment that day. Worse than that, I was in abstinence from action. I didn't kicked anything, my staff needs blood!

SoOoOoOo I bought a stronger staff from a player shop and went to Placid Plain seeking to finish all the quests I had started previously.

Despite the poor equipment at Level 22 I was doing great, until I had to face Haha Bamboo... Again I had to use my hit-and-run tactics, but something went wrong this time. I mean, REALLY wrong.

After Haha Bamboo lost sight of me he should go back to his place, but there was an AFK player on the way back and without notice Haha Bamboo began to attack him!

I-I was responsible for the death of someone?! (So that's what the my guild leader was talking about when she said "don't blow anything up with your badassnewb self"?)


Guuuys, I feel so sorry... I mean, I have no idea why someone decided to stay AFK on a map with aggressive monsters. But I should be the only one screwed by my not-so-smart attitude.

Please, one minute of silence and respect.

Oh, well. After reaching the Level 23 I realized I had many treasure maps from Copperhorn Mountain. I was saving these maps cuz I didn't feel confident to use them, but as I was in need of money I decided to risk it.

Four treasures and I was dead. URRRRRRRRRR, I definitely need to rethink (or simply think) my strategies so far.