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May 6th, 2015, 09:08 PM
Cause who needs pictures. ~.~

You will need to do this questline to be able to pass Avalon Front from Ashen Ravine.

Lv71 Servant's Home
(NPC Hidden Sharp, Heart of Fire)

Lv72 Big Escape
(NPC Wise Carl, Titan Ruin)
Note: To make a rope bridge, click on the tree located E22, N26.

Lv73 Initiation
(NPC Wise Carl, Ashen Ravine)

Lv73 Assassination
(NPC Wise Carl, Ashen Ravine)

Receive: Dark Baptism

Lv73 Shortcut
(NPC Samurai Kyojin, Ashen Ravine)

Lv73 Diversion
(NPC Sharp-Tooth Marcus, Avalon Front)
Note: Use the blue flint on E27, N13.

Lv74 Looking for a New Comrade
(NPC Sharp-Tooth Marcus, Avalon Front)

End Reward: Evil Blood - combined with Dark Baptism to get Evil Loyalty at Lv75


*If you get lost, remember to do the Giants' Quests, NEVER complete the Knights' Quests or else you'll be unable to get Evil Loyalty/Passage to and from Avalon Front & Ashen Ravine!

**Passage to and from Avalon Front & Ashen Ravine requires Signet of Darkness, a reward within this quest line.

Thanks to Yui for some corrections and details! <3