View Full Version : *Attention* Item mall sets are going to be removed from the item mall

June 11th, 2015, 03:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

Due to future updates we are going to be removing the following item sets along with their individual parts from the item mall this following Monday June 15, 2015:

- Genki Maid Set
- Genki Maid’s Cuff
- Genki Maid’s Lace Apron
- Genki Maid’s Ribbon
- Genki Maid’s Shirt
- Cotton Candy Set
- Cotton Candy Bangles
- Cotton Candy Beret
- Cotton Candy Shirt
- Cotton Candy Skirt
- Cherry Sweet Set
- Cherry Sweet Cuff Bracelet
- Cherry Sweet Lace Skirt
- Cherry Sweet Ribbon
- Cherry Sweet Sleeveless Top
- Cherry Sweet Stockings and Heels
- Elementary Diaconate Set
- Elementary Diaconate’s Pants
- Elementary Diaconate’s Shoes
- Elementary Diaconate’s Vest
- Blue Jean Cowboy Set
- Blue Jean Cowboy Chaps
- Blue Jean Cowboy Hat
- Blue Jean Cowboy Jacket

This will be the last chance to get a hold of these items before their removal! Get them now before they vanish from the item mall as these items are only here for a limited time!

Please be aware for any other further announcements.
Best Regards.
GM Team