View Full Version : Suggestion: The implementation of Shady Dealer (NPC) and the Snowman Snowball 2 item

August 5th, 2015, 07:11 PM
This NPC sells Health Boosters and Magic Boosters which are currently only in the item mall shop.

Reasons for implementation of the NPC:
- Helps with HLA Tool Alchemy by making deluxe pills more accessible to obtain/make -> this does not make the game easier because people would still need to work/farm for money to buy it from the npc and to gain the other materials.
- There are more "SP/IM item buyers" in game than "SP/IM item Sellers," so it would just be for convenience sake.
- People may prioritize buying other items (i.g. reskills, chance boxes, etc)over these boosters, so this shouldn't significantly affect SubaGames profit
- Somewhat beneficial like the NPC that sells Slotting items in Bigbeam

Cons for Implementation of the NPC:
1:50 ratio / "High Cost"


Reason for the Implementation of the "Snowman Snowball 2" Item:
- Aids with Darkdale Elder quests because it changes luck to Average Fighting Chance and Average Provider's Providance
- People with this item will be less "icky" about not wanting to do elders because they would have to "restart" their elder chain
- Aesthetic purposes

Cons For Implementation of the "Snowman Snowball 2" Item:
- Its probably going to be won during the GM Events :C that not everyone can come to do to real life circumstances
- Rich people are just going to hoard it and may not help people who need Ave/Ave


Feel free to add any pros/cons for their implementation, I'm pretty sure, I missed a couple/A LOT.

August 5th, 2015, 07:25 PM
As far as I know, the Shady Dealer equivalent is already implemented (although it may not be up at this moment if the GM's didn't put it up after maint). They are a gang of mushroom NPC's in Bigbeam.