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August 13th, 2015, 02:01 PM
This guide will have no pictures because I'm too lazy and don't care enough to put that much effort into this. I will, however, explain in detail the process through which I level jobs from 20 through 50 without the need for weapons, job skills, or any specific build, and make 300-400k profit PER JOB. I never actually planned to share this with the community but it is a nice SOLO alternative that yields pretty good results and hopefully it will encourage others to not be team dependent on teams. Spoiler Alert: It's Pet Musing.

General Pre-Reqs!

Level 50-60 Musician
This is by far the most difficult to achieve and is the most time consuming. The whole process requires high leveled pet buffs which will be explained further down below. The good news is musician is a cheap and easy job to level! I went party muse until 50 then reskilled to pet muse. Build to follow.

A Ruby (Or Rubies) Pet
This is the only other requirement and I do acknowledge that this is an expensive pre-req. In addition to just owning a ruby, you will need specific leveled rubies as well. The good news is you can start off with the lowest tier level of ruby and raise your jobs to the next level gap THEN raise your ruby pet as well and only need 1 pet.

Level 33 or Higher Doctor
Inner Magic. Inner Magic. Inner Magic. Regeneration. Inner Magic. Pet muse buffs need a lot of MP and this is the most dependable way to make sure you can always recast.

The Science Behind the Method!
So I figured I should explain this before I continue on in the guide. WHY is this method so effective? There's a reason. Level Difference. http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_point As you can see from this table a +1/-1 Difference in level still yields 100% experience. So for the sake of example lets say you have a level 25 pet and you are level 29. The monster you are fighting is level 26. For the damage that you are doing, there is only 75% exp awarded. For the damage that your pet is doing, it is still receiving 100% exp. So the trick is that you turn experience share OFF (at 0%) with your pet, and all of the exp that it receives is sent to you. And here is where the kicker comes in. Because the PET is damaging the monster, it's getting 100% exp which is going straight to you WITH NO PENALTY. That means you at level 29 are getting the same exp as if you were 25. So taking that into account, if you can buff your pet and essentially double it's damage you are getting around the same exp as you would in a team.

The Subs
Once you have your doc and muse in order you will need Medical Treatment and Pet Sounds branches as a sub.
For Pet Sounds you will need:

Soothing Serenade

Song of Serenity

Power Ballad

Defensive Ditty

Cheery Tune

Pet Snack Song

Pet Training Prayer

Pet Prayer

all at the highest level available. Resurrect Pet and Pet-Praising Song are completely optional and not needed. However they also do not hurt to have. Pet Snack Song will be your main method of healing your pet as it also yields pet snacks which are a good alternative when you're low on MP. Cheery Tune will buff your pets total HP/MP and will also make any methods of healing your pet recover more, hence why Pet-Praising Song is on the back burner.

Medical Treatment:

First Aid


Inner Magic

That's it really. Although from Level 20-23 you will not be able to use the first level of Inner Magic so I would suggest another source of MP regen such as Spring Cleaning. Good news is that while badged, those levels literally take less than an hour. That's right. Less than 60 minutes to go from 20 to 23.

Almost none of these locations for leveling require any specific stat build, or weapons. They are completely optional and up to the individual player. That means any job can level just as fast as the other and you can still team at your leisure.

Levels 10-20
I just wanted to add this quickly in here. There really is no secret to leveling through this gap. I'd recommend having a good level 15 pet and heading to Farrel Family Crypt as Greedy Rates give the most exp:hp for that level gap and they don't hit too hard. All in all 10-20 shouldn't be too hard

Levels 20-31

Level 25 Ruby EXACTLY
A low level spring cleaning
Equip Robes
Equip Shield (Optional)
Above Mentioned Reqs

Female Bird of Paradise located in Phoenix Tower Floor 4

These guys are purely matk, so even a blademaster with robes only takes 30 or so dmg per hit which the level 7 regen from doctor is more than enough to cover the damage. the strategy for this level gap is to mostly buff your pet and sit to recover your mp pool while it starts frying chicken. I would recommend leveling shaman or wizard first through this method for both Equip Robes and Spring Cleaning. Then Mercenary and Merchant for the Equip Heavy Armor and Equip Shield (Optional) skills as well as the ability to construct Coin Shields (Additional MDEF). Other than that you're free to level here at any time with any job and build.

Levels 31-40

Lever 36 Ruby EXACTLY
Equip Heavy Armor
Equip Shield (Highly Recommended)
All Above Mentioned General Pre-Reqs

Bandit Bow-Wow Located in Pandora's Grotto First Floor (Not to be confused with the ones located on Blakatoa Map)

Whooo buddy this is the hardest level gap you'll have. It's generally quick but requires much more attention from you the player. These guys don't particularly hit hard, but they do hit fast. And 2-3 of them can really put a hurting on you and/or your pet. The strategy is generally the same as before, use pet snacks and healing skills as necessary and the highest leveled pet buffs available to you. Sometimes you will want to take aggro from your pet and kite a few around while your pet picks them off one by one and this is where Resurrect Pet will come in handy if you chose to learn it. It's recommended that you level doctor first for a higher Inner Magic and Regeneration level.

Levels 40-50

Level 45 Ruby EXACTLY
Equip Robes
Equip Shield (Optional)
All above mentioned General Pre-Reqs

Monster: Tawny Tim Located in Town-God Temple

This is the final stretch! It's the same exact strategy as FBOPs but just a higher level. I would recommend finding the room that is just a giant square and is filled with nothing but Tawny Tims and picking a corner to fight from. These guys pack a bit more punch than fbops and can really gang up on you quick. That being said don't let your guard down. Coin Shield from merchant can really help mitigate dmg and just keep grinding up with your ruby. By now you should definitely have the MP pool to keep yourself/your pet alive as well as keep it buffed and also throw in an attack or two. Keep going! Those last two levels are a grind!

After Notes
This guide is my bread and butter. It's been the secret to leveling my jobs and if you've got a few hours a day you can go from 20-50 in literally 4-5 days. It's quick, and profitable, but it does get lonely. I give credit to all of my DoMo knowledge to my friend AngelFate, a small Malaysian man who took me under his wing and my old guild Kuon-No-Shinri. I also have a DDen/Babel guide for just as quick leveling but that will be for another time. if you have an questions about this guide feel free to message me in game "Vipheiyn" and keep in mind this is just a guide. It's not set in stone and it revolves around taking advantage of common in game mechanics, but if it hasn't changed in 10 years then it's obviously okay. Good luck leveling guys!

August 14th, 2015, 08:35 AM
I never actually planned to share this with the community

I'm glad you chose not to hide this from the community

August 14th, 2015, 10:59 AM
I also feel like i neglected to mention that through this leveling method, if done correctly, you WILL earn more experience that VIP teams. You will level faster solo than parties without having to worry about spending hours trying to find a team only to have some two bit tank wipe the team 3 times and setting you back for hours.