View Full Version : Crimson Clerics, at DOMO's Service!~

October 3rd, 2015, 12:26 PM
The Crimson Clerics is a new guild, led by Miantra- a very devoted (and, in personal opinion, addicted) player of DOMO!~
Our goal is to serve the world of DOMO! From new players to returning players to everyone- the entire population- who want to help or who needs help, Crimson Clerics was made for this very reason.
Lich Leech and Supergrass giving you issues? That's why we are here!~
We are looking for people who are devoted and responsible and kind to help our guild grow and become recognized enough for people to ask for our help instead of struggling to get by. Whether it is giving advice or taking on World Bosses and tackling dungeons, we'd be elated to help! Also, we are looking for people to help us lead certain sections of the guild! For anymore information, please contact Miantra or Minky ! :)
~Events Manager Elder Pyrix