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October 9th, 2015, 06:22 PM
Halloween Spooky Stories Contest!

How to participate:

Write an original spooky story to freak the hell out our GMs and post it here on this thread!


There must be effort put into the entry or it does not qualify.
The GM team will decide if something is qualified as an entry or not.
Lucent Heart related entries will be more favoured although it is not required to include Lucent Heart elements.
The post must follow the forum post rules*.
No plagiarism.
No fanfiction**.
No alternate accounts may submit entries.
No banned players may submit entries.
You may only submit one story so.. give us your best!

** This point has been causing some confusion so I asked Aether for a 'detailed' explanation on this.

You can not use characters from an/a anime/manga/cartoon/movie/etc. and write a story with them.
Aether's example: "Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun walked into a dark cave and (...)" <- this is a no.
You can not use Lucent Heart players as characters in your story without their consent.
You can not use SubaGames staff member's as characters in your story.
You can write a story that takes place in the Lucent Heart world.
You can write a story that happend to you in real life (or online).


1st place - 20.000 SP worth of Lucent Heart items
2nd place - 13.000 SP Worth of Lucent Heart items
3rd place - 8.000 SP Worth of Lucent Heart items
All qualified participants - 7 Original Honey Cakes


Deadline Extended to October 31st 2015 11:59PM EST

I hope you guys do your best to give our GMs some spooky nightmares~
May the scariest win! \o/

October 10th, 2015, 11:42 AM
Naw fanfiction.

What about writing horror stories taking place in Lucent Heart world, is that acceptable?

October 17th, 2015, 06:54 PM
Where i must write it? can i write a story about something happened to me?

October 19th, 2015, 09:52 AM
What about writing horror stories taking place in Lucent Heart world, is that acceptable?
Yes. I've updated the rules and added information on that Zacky.

Where i must write it? can i write a story about something happened to me?
Someone didn't read the first sentence of the post =p Yus, you post your story here and yes, you can write a story about something that happened to you.

On a side note, I've updated the rules concerning Fanfiction guys.

October 19th, 2015, 03:54 PM
eh? no no no, i'm sorry i didn't see that there was a "how to participate" section here sorry (⊃д⊂)

October 24th, 2015, 07:23 PM
Hades is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. After the downfall of their father, he drew lots with them to share the universe. He drew badly, which resulted in becoming lord of the underworld and ruler of the undead.

The Greeks were never kind of offering his name to others. Afraid of causing some disruption that would cause them death, they decided to give him a name meaning wealth. Hades became Plouton.

Hades comes back every Halloween to show fear in the people who doubt him. Daring to mock him will result in a earthquake and a trip back to Tartarus. (Hades carried around a pitch fork similar to his brothers, Poseidon,trident. He used the pitch fork to create earthquakes similar to Poseidon's mighty waves.) Tartarus is a place of torment and never ending suffering. The souls of the wicked recieve the divine punishment.

Character: Starbucks

October 25th, 2015, 03:53 AM
H-hi, hum, here is my tale i hope you like, hum, sorry if i'm a bit clumsy with this but this is my first time doing something like this or that i participate in something, i wish that you can enjoy or like it, it's a real history, hum, so-sorry if it is very long, s-so here i go
it calls:

No one is there

Everything started when I was 7 years my parents and I had moved us for a third time due to the high prices on rentals, the new house seemed a good place to start again the house had a second floor, the neighbors were very friendly, the weather were nice, everything seemed perfect. The next day my dad returned very happy from his work my mom asked him why he was so happy and he replied that he had bought the house we wouldn?t have to pay rent because the house was ours now, mom and dad were very happy and I was happy too of course my parents would no longer be saddened by their economic problems. The first days in our new home were very happy, my dad got a promotion at his work, my mom had free time to be with me and often the neighbors were going to visit us.

I used to sleep with my parents because I was very easy to scare but one day my dad told me that I had to learn to sleep in my own room and stop feeling scared for things that don't exist or only i imagined, the idea of being alone in my own room didn't like me at all at first it was something creepy but gradually I got used and I began to not be afraid. One night everything was unusually quiet my room's door was closed and I was about to fall asleep when I heard something, footsteps, someone was slowly coming up the stairs I thought that maybe it was my dad who had gone to look for something in the kitchen but I never heard my dad go down the stairs. The footsteps stopped at the last step I tried to not be afraid and remember what my dad told me about have no fear and be brave so i tried to don't pay atention and go back to sleep. To the next day everything seemed normal, the weather was warm, my parents continued with their duties nothing unusual happened but that night when I was trying to sleep i heard again those steps but now it was different the steps sounded like the steps of an angry person, after arrive to the second floor the steps stopped then suddenly something knocked to my door 2 times I didn't knew what to say or do at that time but once again something or someone knocked to my door 2 times, I closed my eyes and covered me with the bed sheets until I fall asleep.

To the next morning I decided to ask my parents if any of them was going down and up the stairs to then knock on my room's door and the answer was no that they could have spoken or made any other noise if they had been, my dad got worried and thought that maybe it was someone with bad intentions so he decided to call a friend who was an expert installing security systems to install one in our house. But even with the security system it was the same someone who sounded angry up the stairs and knocked on to my room's door, I always told my dad what was happening but he doesn't believe me and many times I asked my dad to let me sleep with them again but he always claimed that with the security system installed no one could enter otherwise an alarm could sound and so he knew that someone is inside the house, my mom showed me many times how the alarm could be activated so she didn't believe me too, I couldn't do anything but use a small flashlight that my dad gave me and point to the door every time i heard those steps also i hung up a scapular on my room's door, the scapular was a gift that my grandmother gave to my mom time ago. After a few days things calmed down it was like if the one who went up the stairs to then knock on to my room's door was gone I felt better knowing that what was scaring me wasn't there anymore, but one month later exactly in my birthday things got worse slightly.

That night after having a very happy day i forgot close my room's door before go sleep, I thought that I wouldn't hear those steps never again but apparently I was wrong now that the door was open i didn't know what could happen so i felt panic, I closed my eyes and covered me with the bed sheets hoping that everything over soon, after hearing the last step an awkward silence was present i suddenly felt like if someone was slowly sitting on the edge of my bed, i was sure that it wasn't my dad or my mom I was so scared that I started to cry, that person sitting to the edge of my bed removed the bed sheets from my head and slowly approached his hand to my hair and began to caress it, his hand was very cold but it was like if trying to reassure me and when i finally stop cry he strongly pulled my hair and hit me on the cheek to finally throw me to the floor, I screamed and started to cry again my parents woke up immediately and ran to my room they asked me what had happened and I told them that someone had pulled my hair and beaten on the cheek but they didn't believe me, they thought that I had fallen out of the bed and hit me that such things as ghosts or other things like that don't exist, but afterall they allowed me sleep with them a few days until things calm down a bit.

The next day my mom found the scapular that I had hung on my door and she hung it in a corner of my bed, finally everything returned to normal from that day and forward I didn't hear or feel anything in the nights, I still live in the same house with my parents and i keep sleeping in the same room it's just that now I got used to leave the door open, sometimes I feel as if that person look at me in the middle of the night from the entrance of my room with the desire to get closer but I never could see anything and when I try to think about to do or say something i just fall asleep, maybe and just maybe he still caress my hair like in that day while i'm sleeping without even i knowing it.

October 26th, 2015, 09:45 PM
Once upon a time, there was a mayor who lived in Thereall City with his wife. They lived in a big house with maids and cooks. One of the maids fell in love with the mayor and she told him to forget about his wife and run away with her. The mayor rejected her and said she means nothing to him. The mayor's wife got pregnant and the baby was born some weeks later. One night when everyone was sleeping, the maid walked into the baby's room. The maid picked up the baby and ran away all the way to Argos Bay and drowned herself with the baby. The next day, the mayor and his wife sent the police to go look for their missing baby. The police came back later in the evening and said they have found 2 dead bodies in Argos Bay which seemed to be the mayor's child and the maid that was staying in the house with them.

A month later, the mayor so exhausted from his duty in Thereall City, heads back home to rest. He walks into the bathroom to wash his face and when he looked in the mirror, he saw a reflection in the mirror which looked like the maid who had fallen in love with him. The maid had a murderous face and she started to reach out to him through the mirror. The mayor stepped back, ran out of the bathroom and out of his house. The mayor decided to go out for a walk to keep the maid out of his mind. When he walked 2 blocks down, he heard a baby crying. The mayor started to follow the sound of the cry and he saw a baby stroller. When he walked up to the stroller, there was no baby in there. The mayor turned around and saw a ghostly figure of the maid with a murderous face slowly walking towards him. The mayor ran away as fast as he could all the way to Thereall City bridge. The mayor, panting and catching his breath was looking down at the bridge staring at the dried up water. When he turned his head, he saw the maid standing next to him. She said to him, "Let's run away together". The maid pushes the mayor off the bridge and she stares down at him now dead.

The next day, police were surrounded by the bridge staring at the dead body figuring out if this was suicide or not. Meanwhile, in the main hall in Thereall City, crowds of people were talking. A little boy, who just completed his Sun Commissioner class change, was practicing his new skills he learned from the Mage Master. When he walked by the bridge, he looked down and saw the police surrounded by the mayor's dead body. The little Sun Commissioner tested out his revive skill on the mayor not knowing what would happen. The mayor opened his eyes and slowly started to stand up. The mayor started thinking and said in his head, "Where am I, who am I, who are these people?"

This is my first time posting on a thread and I don't know if I posted it on the right section or not.

October 27th, 2015, 12:33 AM
Will the rewards be tradeable?

October 27th, 2015, 08:04 AM
Long ago, at the first age of Acadia, a great cataclysm happened. Two great leaders protecting their own ideals crossed blades on a battlefield, nowadays known as Avalon Front.

The first one, Theia, seeked peace and freedom for the world, while Cadena, whose soul was corrupted by demonic powers, wanted to rule the world and bring utter chaos upon it.

Before then, no one dared to oppose Cadena's newfound powers, imposed to her with force by what could be called the devil
itself, Hecate. Theia however didn't accept this. Her courage and thirst for freedom led her to gather an army that shared her ideals, and defied Cadena's dominion.
The battle itself was bloody and fierceful, but the worst had yet to come. The two leaders, eager to end it and impose their will
onto the other started brawling as if they were possessed. Theia was wielding a holy shield, that was imbued with the most powerful kind of light magic, supposedly unbreakable, that granted immortality to the holder. Cadena, her, was given by Hecate a sword, overflowing of the previously named deity's power, that was meant to destroy, if not annihilate anything it'd touch, turning bits by bits, the holder into a hideous monster.
When the sword met the shield, an explosion of power that was neither holy, nor dark, killed everyone on the battlefield. The shield shattered into small shards, that scattered across the world.

That called the end of the first age, and the second age of Acadia started. Later on, a young scientist called Nidia, discovered the remains of the demonic blade.
All we know about her is that she disappeared in what seems to be the ruins of an old city from the first age, now known as the city of loneliness.

The world stood up on his feet again and started a new life, and new fighters are trained in Thereall, according to Theia's battling ways. For now,
the second age of Acadia is full of joy and happiness.
One day, an adventurous warrior called Briynhildr found strange crystals here and there on Avalon Front that after analysis by mages were proven to contain some mysterious energy. Craftsmen discovered one use for these; After successful enchanting, it'd grant tremendous new powers to weapons, armors, or any kind of accessories. The young man then decided to use a huge ammount of them to bring the power of his shield to the highest.
Eager to verify whether the sayings about new powers were true, he headed with a group of experimented fighters, into the place where Nidia was last seen.

Annnnnnd for Acadia's sake, it'd be best for him not to find her o3o ... Hope you liked it o/

October 27th, 2015, 09:48 AM
2spooky5me Briynhildr..

October 27th, 2015, 12:03 PM
shhhh, i'm all about that cake o3o'

October 29th, 2015, 12:21 PM
The following story actually happened to me when I was around 11 or 12 years old. It's nothing much but oh well /o/ CAKES!

It was just another normal day at the pool; we were all doing our best as usual. However, the upcoming national competition forced us into extending the swimming practice until 10pm. Once it was over, all of us girls ran to the locker rooms and as expected from me - the last girl to ever leave the locker rooms - I took my sweet time in the shower. When we all reunited in the dressing room, one of our seniors - le senpai - had the brilliant idea of starting a "Ghost" story time while we were getting dressed. After hearing our stories, she then told hers.

Long ago, in some unknown land, there was a small town in which nine murderers had taken place; all of them unsolved due to the complete lack of leads. Despite these unfortunated occurrences, the town was still a lively place to live in, probably because of its amazing amusement park.

One day a new family consisted by 3 members - mom, dad and daughter - moved in and the first thing they decided to do was to visit the popular amusement park. Knowing her daughter was worried about moving in to a new town, the mother tried to cheer her up by allowing her to buy any toy she wanted. Delighted with the idea, the girl ran to the nearest dolls' stall.

- I'll take that one! - said the little girl pointing at a cute, yet strange doll. The doll had her left hand wide open but.. on her right hand she only had 4 outstretched fingers. In addiction, the doll would slowly move her hands and head in sync, from left to right, right to left, while singing in a somehow creepy tone "na... na..."

- Are you sure you want to take this one? For some reason, all the previous buyers ended up by returning her.. - said the seller.
But the girl couldn't care less; her mind was set, she wanted that doll and she took it home.

Time flew as she played with her new doll and soon the cloudy day had become a rainy night. The dad was working late so the little girl was alone with her mother at home. Suddendly, the mother received an emergency call from work and had to go out for some moments.

- Mom needs to go out for 20 minutes. Go play in your room and don't open the door to anyone, okay? - said the mom before leaving.
The girl quietly noded, grabbed her doll and ran to her room. Most little girls would be scared to be home alone at night, but she was so entertained playing with the new doll that it didn't matter whether the mother was in the next room or not.

The rainstorm became stronger and the lights started to fail so before they'd completely switch off, the girl decided to go downstairs to get a candle.. but she couldn't find one. Scared, she decided to go back to her room, get on her bed and hide under the blankets with her doll.. but before she could reach her room, the lights switched off. With no other way to see where she was going, the girl decided to just follow the sound of her doll's "na... na..." to get back to her room. The sound getting louder as she walked meant that she was getting closer to her room, the place where the doll was, but when she thought she was finally there.. the sound suddendly stopped.

- ... dolly?
After a while the rain stopped, the lights came back and the mother finally came home. She took off her shoes and went upstairs to give her daughter a good night kiss. When she opened the door she steped on some liquid; "Don't tell me we've got a leak!" was her first thought.. but then she turned on the lights. Blood. The whole floor was covered in blood.. and in the middle of the room there was the corpse from where all that blood was coming from - her precious little daughter. Next to her there was the cute strange doll.. with both her hands completely wide open, moving them and her head in sync while singing.. "na... na...".

By the time senpai was over telling her story, all the girls were already fully dressed but me. One by one, they left the locker rooms, leaving me behind. Back then I was the kind of kid you could easily cause nightmares to by telling such stories..
I tried to hurry up but then I remembered I had left my shampoo in the shower, so I had to walk back to go get it. As I was walking there to.. the lights suddendly switched off. I no longer cared about that damn shampoo, I just ran for my life. And this my friends is the story of how I became the first girl to ever leave the locker rooms.

October 29th, 2015, 05:04 PM
In a land faraway, only in your dreams, there were 4 brothers. The brothers were always at war, for they wanted the kingdom in which their father had ruled over many years.

The brothers couldn't find a solution. They each had a number of followers that would do anything to protect their master. If anyone dare tried to mess with their master, the followers would insure revenge on the brother who messed with their leader. The tricks and puns went on for many years, for they couldn't find a solution to fix this rampage.

Knowing this wouldn't work with ruling all the same kingdom, the family soon spilt upon their separate paths. One named a kingdom called Anteacar. Another named a kingdom with the name of Gold Port. The next was a city named Thereall. And the very last of them all was Minot.

The cities still didn't give the brothers what they requested for. Power was the answer. Power was the need. Power was the salvation to their key, so more wars continued on. The wars left behind beautiful landmarks, but also came the curse of the crime. The curse of the crime of the beautiful land was monsters. Monsters grew in and around. People would rather die than step outside the boundary of the kingdom.

The monsters came in shape of big and small, hideous and beautiful, and they all had a few things in common. Hate. Destroy. Make everyone pay. The humans of the kingdom soon fell, causing the city to grow smaller each and every day. The humans that were left drifted into the NPC state which couldn't let them speak, roam free, and help get rid of the monsters. Each and every day you walk into this city... know the NPC's aren't just a lifeless form. They were once and still are alive. They are under a spell that keeps them in place, meaning life-locked. The battle zones still aren't safe. The brothers are still out to get the power of their deceased father. For the father is keeping watch over the quiet little towns. Is keeping watch over the NPC's. Is keeping you safe. Away from the next destruction.

Hope I wasn't that bad.
My first try on one of these things.

October 29th, 2015, 07:54 PM
Here is my story

This is happened to me when i was around 10 years old.
In my old neighborhood, all kids loved to play a traditional game called "catch the thief".
It's a combination game between hide and seek and police and villain.
The players are divided into 2 groups: polices and thieves. Number of police must be smaller, usually 1/3 from total players.
The thieves that are caught have to stay at the base.
We usually played this game at night, starting from 8pm - 10pm at most.

When i was playing as a thief, i usually hid at the place where there were many trees.
Cause it's easy for me to flee from my friends who was faster than me using the trees to my advantage.
One day, my hiding spot was spotted by my friend. Not only one but two polices together. I was panic.
They're coming closer and i was preparing myself to run. But suddenly they stopped.
One of them whispered something to the other police, after that they ran to the opposite direction.
I was confused at that moment thinking why they're not chasing me. Then i thought they planned something and tried to gather more people to make me surrounded.
So, I changed my hiding spot and ran to other place. Unfortunately i ran directly to a police (not 2 polices from before) and i was very startled and fell on the ground.
He caught me easily, then i stayed in the base for awhile. Not long after that, some parents came to get their kids back home because it's already late night for kids.
So we ended the game that night.
On the way home, i talked to two my friends who became the polices and didnt catch me earlier. I asked them why they ran back.
I was shocked to hear their answer, they said they saw some figure on the tree above me.
It looked like a tall man wearing black clothes but his face was not visible. I suddenly became quiet and silently walked home.

The next day, it seemed like i already forget the incident last night.
We gathered again at night and played that game again. This time i was decided as one of the polices.
I run around but didnt find anyone. Then i went to the place where i usually hid. Yes, i thought i was very lucky.
I saw someone behind the tree and it looked like he didnt realize it yet. I ran with all my might to catch him and ta-da I caught him.
I brought him to the base. I let him walked behind me.
When i reached the base, i was very surprised to see my friend that i caught was already at the base.
I looked at my back and i saw no one behind me. I fell silent for a moment then i bravely asked my friend who caught him.
He said he was caught by my other friend when he was hiding behind the car parked near the small shop.
I just couldnt say any more. I decided to stay at the base till this game round ended.
Then i excused myself from the game and went back home alone thinking that was happened was absurd and i just couldnt believe it.

The next day i told this incident to my friends who played as polices two days ago.
They didnt believe it at first. But then they reminded me about something. Maybe the person i caught and the person they saw was the same person.
But we really didnt know who or what thing that is, whether it's human or not.

-- Sorry if the grammar or structure has too many mistakes, English is not my main language :P --

October 30th, 2015, 02:45 PM
Deadline has been extended to October 31st 2015 11:59PM EST.

November 7th, 2015, 12:53 AM
Hey guys,

Just want to let you guys know that we have reviewed all the fantastic submissions and GM Team+Myself will be deciding on the winners very soon.