View Full Version : October 23rd 2015: Item Mall Maintenance

October 23rd, 2015, 07:25 PM
Hi everyone,

We have noticed our Item Mall has some errors in it that needs to be fixed. We will be actively fixing these errors for at least the next few weeks and we will act as quickly as possible to do so.

For today's item mall maintenance these are the things we have fixed:

- "Hephaestus Gachapon" is now renamed to "Hephaestus Gachapon" from "Bishamonten Gachapon" and fixed the picture
- "Burgundy Lolita Set " is now released
- "Goth Rose Set" is now renamed to "Goth Rose Set" from "Burgundy Lolita Set" and fixed the picture
- Fixed the "Pink Bridal Set", "White Bridal Set", "Royal Wedding Set", and "White Formal Set"

We have also removed these seasonal items from the Item Mall:

- Winter Hat
- Winter Cape
- Winter Skirt
- Winter Short Boots
- Dark Winter Hat
- Dark Winter Cape
- Dark Winter Skirt
- Dark Winter Short Boots
- Long Winter Gloves
- Winter Coat
- Winter Pants
- Winter Boots
- Winter Gloves
- Dark Winter Coat
- Merry Peppermint Top
- Merry Peppermint Skirt
- Merry Peppermint Gloves
- Merry Peppermint Boots
- Merry Peppermint Cat Ears
- Festive Holiday Coat
- Festive Holiday Pants
- Festive Holiday Gloves
- Festive Holiday Shoes
- Festive Holiday Hat
- Female Winter Set
- Female Dark Winter Set
- Male Winter Set
- Male Dark Winter Set
- Merry Peppermint Set
- Festive Holiday Set