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October 30th, 2015, 08:13 PM
Welcome to Zoring?s guide to be Team Mercenary. So, you are new to the Mercenary job and want to learn the ropes? You came to the right place to learn the basics. First let?s start with the meaning of being a mercenary.

What?s the role of a mercenary in a team?

The Mercenary?s role is being the main Tank job in DOMO, some players say it is the ONLY tanking class, and that is true and false at the same time, there is another tanking guide in Martial Artists, yet the Mercenary class is the only one able to use Heavy Armor from the start, also, Martial Artist got issues involving agro controlling.

Also, being a Mercenary means you can Tank hits from Physical Attackers, but you are frail against magical ones. Remember, just because you are Tank it doesn?t mean you can Tank anything. Other magical classes serve a lot better as Magical Tanks, which a Mercenary is not. If you are planning to become a Mercenary that can ?Tank? Magical Attacks, you would be better thinking about getting the ?Equip Robe?, skill from the Wizard tree first.

Advised Pre-Requisites to be a full time Tank:

This is only my advice, not something you need to do to start tanking right away. Tanking is a very expensive job because if you are going your job right you are going to be hit, and you are going to be hit a lot. Such is the reason of why I make the following recommendations:

1. Level your commoner?s Alchemy: It is a lot cheaper to alchemy your own armor than buying from the NPC or from the stalls. As a Mercenary you will always need armor, so making your own would save money in the long run.

2. Level your commoner?s Maxi Mining Skill: Not only you need to alchemy, you also need to gather the mats. Your commoner should farm for mats continuously for this purpose, and mining is the skill you need for crafting HA.

3. Get a farming mule: We want to play not farm, get a mule to do the job of farming but do train it eventually for higher level mats.

4. Get your titles: As you level, keep on getting the HP titles for your level. HP is the second most important status of a Tank. HP + Durability = Survivalist. So get your titles, don?t take it for granted that your Doctor will save your butt, you are the butt saving one here.

What should I equip?

Mercenaries can equip both Axes and Spears, also, if you chose Ax you can also equip a Shield. BUT, don?t go gearing yourself yet, you need to know this:

Spear Merc: It is the TEAM mercenary. You equip spear when you want to be Team Mercenary. Spears will make you blind, everything will dodge you, but you need them for the skills of being a Team Mercenary.

Ax and Shields: It is the SOLO mercenary. With Ax you hit more than with Spears, and with Shield you take less damage. But the skills for Ax mercenary aren?t exactly team friendly.


There are only two recommended builds, any other build is experimenting, and you are too important to teams as to experiment with their DOMO lives and experience. So, if you want to do a good tanking job, chose one of there builds:

1. Typical Build (+2 Durability, +1 Agility): This is the most used one, it means you will survive most hits and get better cooldown time to buff your teammates.

2. Armor Saving (+2 Agility, +1 Durability): Armor saving one, which I don?t recommend. You will get hit much less, but when you get his you will get hit harder. What does this means? I means you will save some armor gold since you will have less need of an armor because of your evasion, but it also means you will place a lot of burden in your Doctor, and you will be very dependent of your Fighting Chance luck.


Here I will explain the skills you got and what they do, and after we will see what to get and what not to get:

Ax Attacks:

Splitting Chop (Needs Ax): You deal a great deal of damage.

Owl Slash (Needs Ax): More powerful than Splitting Chop but got less Accuracy.

Precision Strike (Needs Ax): Raises Attack and Accuracy.

Better-Blocker (Needs Shield): Increases blocking rate but reduces movement.

Taunt (No pre-requisite): Attracts the attention of a single target.

Cross Shop (Needs Ax and Lv5 Splitting Chop): AoE version of Splitting Chop.

All Bets are Off (Needs Ax and Lv5 Owl Slash): While active, user takes no damage from enemy, but then is vulnerable for a short while.

All or Nothing (Needs Ax and Lvl5 Precision Strike): Sacrifices Defense to rise Attack.

Iron Curtain (Needs Ax and Lvl5 Better-Blocker): Temporary increases Defense and Magic Defense.

Mock Monsters (No pre-requisite): Attracts the attention of monsters around the target.

Spear Attacks:

NOTE1 Spear Attacks contain buffs that raises depending of the number of teammates.

NOTE2 Goose Formation, Arrow Formation, and Crane Formation cover one another, which means you can only active one at a time, if you activate a new one it will replace the last one.

NOTE3 Circle Formation, Dustpan Formation, and Snake Formation cover one another, which means you can only active one at a time, if you activate a new one it will replace the last one.

Stabbing Strike (Needs Spear): A strong Spear Attack, can be used at a ratter short distance.

Wicked Windmill (Needs Spear): AoE Spear Attack, draws the agro of enemies toward user and, if you are the leader of the team, raises your Attack.

Goose Formation (Needs Spear): Increases Movement Speed and Attack but lowers Defense of whole party.

Circle Formation (Needs Spear): Increases Defense of Party.

Dustpan Formation (Needs Spear): Increases Magic Defense or party.

Stick and Twist (Needs Spear and Lvl5 Stabbing Strike): Two consecutive and powerful Spear Attacks.

Corkscrew Slice (Needs Spear and Lvl5 Wicked Windmill): Powerful single-target Spear Attack.

Arrow Formation (Needs Spear and Lvl5 Goose Formation): Increases the Attack of party.

Snake Formation (Needs Spear and Lvl5 Circle Formation): Increases Defense Block and Attack speed of Party.

Crane Formation (Needs Spear and Lvl5 Dustpan Formation): Increases Magical Attack.

Mercenary Skills:

Equip Spear: Allows Spear to be equipped in other jobs.

Equip Ax: Allows Axes to be equipped in other jobs.

Equip Heavy Armor: Allows Armor to be equipped in other jobs.

Equip Shield: Allows Shields to be equipped in other jobs.

Spear Mastery: Allows Spears to be used at a % of their true strength in other jobs.

Ax Mastery: Allows Axes to be used at a % of their true strength in other jobs.

Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone: Reduces the damage dealt by enemies to non-Mercenary occupations.

What Skills to use?

Taunt: Lvl5
Mock Monster: MAX OUT!
Wicked Windmill: MAX OUT!
Circle Formation: MAX OUT!
Dustpan Formation: Lvl5 or MAX OUT! If planning to become Magic Tank too.
Crane Formation: MAX OUT!

Sub-Skills I advise you to use:

From Thief:

Close Combat:

Control Breathing: Just because it is in the Close Combat tree but you may not really need it if you got a good muse. Control Breathing will allow you to recover a certain amount of lost MP.

Premonition: If you remember the builds, 2 Durability and 1 Agility is less evasive and more armor consuming and 2 Agility and 1 Durability is armor saving but more risky. With Premonition you can increase your evasion rate to the level of the ?Armor Saving build? without the loss of any defense at all, or be a dodging master in the same tree.

Rhythm of Life: A little like Control Breathing, but also recovers some HP. Very helpful when your doc can?t catch up Rith the team?s dying speed.

Fighting Foresight: Same as Premonition, it helps you raise your evasion, as I side note I haven?t yet investigated, it is said that the last patch replaces your Mercenary?s defense buffs, I will correct this if that results to be true, I haven?t tested it.

From Martial Artist (Chose only one):

Power Attacks:

Tranquil Turtle: Works like a Regeneration from the Doctor?s Skill tree. Though the description says that for it to work you need to be standing still, it works while you are fighting as long as you don?t move from your position.

Staff Attacks:

Channel Energy: Increases your max HP for 5 mins up to a percentage that goes from 30% to 60%. Very useful but scares the hell out from your doctor when out of the sudden you seem to be dying and his buffs can?t heal you enough.

From Wizard:

Magical Skills:

Equip Robe: For when you are going to be Magical Tank.

How to Tank:

So, I just nuked you guys with pre-requisites and skills, builds, subs and all those things you won?t have until you actually level up your tank, but never actually told you how to do the job. Well, just follow these rules:

1. Buff your team: When you are Tanking never forget to use Circle Formation (Or Dustpan Formation if you are going to be Magic Tank, in which case you better have equipped a Robe), and Crane Formation. You don?t have to spam them, you just need to pay attention for the time when they are needed.

2. Buff the puller: The puller is a party?s best friend and Tank?s worst enemy. Puller runs away to attract the monsters to your agro area. Sounds nice right? Well, it?s not when your puller after doing the monster delivery immediately runs away. Don?t be afraid to yell (in chat of course), for him or her to wait for his buff to be replaced. Also, since the Tank buffs work depending of the party numbers (And their proximity to you), if the puller doesn?t get his or her buff you can?t re-buff your party, so get the puller to obey you.

3. Timing: When tanking your timing is very important, make sure you zoom out in order to see around yourself since you will much likely be surrounded by a sea of monsters around you. When the puller is ready to delivery, time the Wicked Windmill AoE to pull the agro away from him or her, if you don?t time right the puller may die, and considering the puller is the one that gets the less experience sharing since it comes in and out or exp range all the time, the puller dying would be a double pity, make it triple since no more pulling until weakness is gone.

4. Tank is always first to enter the battlefield and last one to leave: When party breaks, you need to protect them, not abandon them. Even if they get stubborn and say, ?I can handle it?, no they don?t, and that?s why you are the tank.

5. If AoE dies it?s their fault: A problem you will see often is AoErs spamming their attacks, that steals your agro, so either you control the agro using Mock Monster from time to time, or get your AoErs under control.

6. Keep Agro: Not only Aoers steal your agro, monster do get bored of you when they see you Tank their hits like a boss and then want to find a ratter tastier prey, normally AoErs, but it is then when poor doctors die since they are frail and taste like chiken. As a Mercenary, you got two powerful agro producing mover, the first one is Wicked Windmill, which you will use to save the puller, then you got Mock Monster, which you will use to regain agro from AoErs. DO NOT USE BOTH IN SUCCESSION, doing it so leaves you with a cool time to regain your lost agro. Time a lapse between using either of them to regain the agro at all times.

7. Keep always two sets of new Heavy Armor when you go to party: If you enter a party you will most likely go out with your armor in pieces. Tanking is a hard job and you don?t get paid to recover the lost armor. Also, if you go to town to buy your new armor you risk your team into losing their comfortable VIP or training spot. If that happens, you will have to either, share the room, or, move somewhere else regardless if you were there first so, always carry a second set. Also, do not use a weaker set as replacement, if you do, you will much likely end confusing your doctor as he will see you dying more easily.

8. Don?t go afk: Even going to the bathroom could mean your team dying because you lost the agro. If tank needs to move, tell your puller not to pull, eliminate the minor nuisances, and lead your team toward safety. DO NOT GO AFK.

Well, I guess I covered most of it, I hope you found this guide useful. Being a Tank is hard, especially on your DOMO economy, every role got their unique talents, your role is to make sure you are the only one who is in danger all the time. If you are a bad tank your teammates will die and they will probably agro at you, never forget Tanks are good at getting agro, but one agro you can?t defend against is the agro of your teammates.

November 2nd, 2015, 02:18 PM
Some additional input (lvl 52 tank, been tanking since Aeria):

When you eventually do get Mock, you want to follow a general pattern of using Windmill immediately, then using Mock once Windmill has gone through about half of its cooldown cycle, being sure to put off using one when the puller is about to return (i.e. timing is everything!). By using both of these skills appropriately, your team is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage without being overly concerned about taking aggro.

When it comes to the initial start of your team, pay attention to how long it takes for your puller to bring a new round of monsters. This should (usually) take no more than a minute, but often times much less, depending on area and puller. Time your formations (circle and crane) such that the puller will always have enough time to grab a new round before you need to refresh them. In my experience, this tends to be around the 30s - 45s mark on the countdown, with the occasional need for the 1m mark when a puller is going a much larger distance away. By timing these appropriately, you significantly reduce your mp consumption, making it less likely that you'll run out of mp before the poor muse can get your mp back up.

Finally, for the love of Cthulu, bring more than one full set of armor and expect to stay long enough to at least diminish an entire set. Most teams now are capable of supplementing a player who needs to go back to get more equipment (which shouldn't have to happen in any case), but tanks seldom, if ever, have this luxury. If the tank needs to restock, the team has to stop. It's inconsiderate and can result in another team coming in and taking over your spot (it doesn't matter if you were there first--if you're not using it, you're losing it). And if you don't stick around for more than half an hour, you're making a team go through lots of preparation for very little payoff. At the very least, have a replacement ready if you're not expecting to be around long.

tl;dr - Use mock and windmill effectively, time your formations, and be considerate of your teammates. Seriously, just do those things and exhibit some level of competence and teams will absolutely love you. I've never had a disappointed team, save for when I had to leave (: