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December 19th, 2015, 03:11 AM
Here are your teams!

Remember to obey the rules and listen to the judges. Press CTRL + to zoom in on the image.

http://subagames.com/images.ashx/2015 tourney?1450513185

Here are your judges


Here are the rules again and what weapons to use in each tier.

Welcome to the 2015 MAT Legacy Winter Classic, a 3vs3 team double elimination tournament. It will take place on Saturday, December 19th at 2PM Eastern Standard Time.

Team Captains are to sign up by replying to this post with their team captain's name and in-game id + the names of their team members. I removed the sign up on the challonge website as too many people signed up as individuals......
The rules will be defined closer to the tournament but here is what you need to know so far:

1. There will be no grenades or mines allowed except for the pet mine and the smoke grenades. No Gas or flash grenades of any kind.
2. You can only use the weapons that we outline in each round, using anything else will get you disqualified.
3. You have to be a minimum rank of 30 to participate, this is to weed out the trolls and low level hackers.
4. All weapons required that are gold or otherwise not accessible, will be sent out a few days before the tournament. You are responsible for buying your own silver weapons though.
5. Defense cards: Only lvl 1 are allowed!
6. No quick reload or other cards allowed. No ammo cards! No armbands with stats!
7. Dance cards: Only the default dance is allowed!

Here are the weapon choices for each round:

Round 1: TDM. BlackWater Ruins Map.

Autumn CS Ls5. Smoke grenades are allowed.

Round 2: Occupy Mode. XingCheng Street.

Hiss Meow(cat gloves)

Round 3: Bomb Mode: School of MAT

Red Fury Spas-12, Nebula Rifle, Victorian Pistol.

Round 4: Team Match Lakeside Bar

Citrus Sniper only, Football M14a1 sniper, Compound Bow and Fire Arrows.

Round 5: Crazy Mode - Roswell That Ends Well

Only weapons you pick up in the game are allowed.

Round 6: Ghost Mode -Bodleian Library

Judgement M4a1, Tutankhamun's Melee, Victorian Pistol.

Good luck to all!

GM Tranzor