View Full Version : [Neo] lvl 95 is looking for a clan

March 2nd, 2010, 11:58 AM
this is pikeman [Neo]. I am looking for a friendly and talkactive clan.
I am lvl 95 and online everyday. At least for 2 hours.
I am equipped with full 80d ps set. For more information add me in MSN or talk to me in game/post in this thread.

MSN: sashakoehnke@web.de

IGN: [Neo]

Best regards

March 3rd, 2010, 01:42 AM
Hi [Neo],

I enjoyed talking to you and hanging out with you while the [Neo] character was in Synergy for the last few days. As discussed in PMs, [Neo]'s previous operator is switching to a different character for the clan so we removed [Neo] to make room for the new character, Duplo3 and once we found out the ownership of [Neo] had changed. Sorry we didn't have a chance to talk more then but the servers were going down for maintenance.

You'd be very welcome to apply to join us. Some of us have hung out with you already in clan chat so am pretty sure if we put up a poll, it would likely pass very quickly as members reactions were very positive. I see after our PMs, you did register on our forums but had trouble activating your forum membership there. FYI I've removed the square brackets from your login name in case they were causing a problem (so you forum name changed slightly) and I've activated your forum account for you. You should be good to post if you want. Our forums are at http://synergy.clanheaven.com/.

Either way, hope to see you in game. :)

Bump: Have responded on your application today to join Synergy.

Good luck. :)