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February 10th, 2016, 05:32 PM
Does anyone happen to have a costume alchemy guide in their possession? Or a link to one, at least?

I've been searching all over the forums and known archives and wikis for information but I have yet to find any.

My major questions for costume-based alchemy are:
1. Where to obtain recipes? (Drops/Pilfers/Raids/what have you)
2. What basic materials are required? (Even if it's only one example, that would help a lot!)
3. Where can I find a list of all the costumes and pieces available to craft via alchemy?

Thank you in advance! If you have any other information, I'd be happy to hear it.

February 10th, 2016, 07:00 PM
Recipes are from rare bosses in the firework map. The materials required for a costume recipe have to be crafted from recipes that drop from the common bosses. These recipes generally require higher level collection mats or grade A gems. For the recipes that require gems, I think you'd need someone who can do HLA weapons too, to make Abrasive Agents.

Since this may seem a bit confusing, how about an example!

Playboy Bunny Headgear (White)

The recipe for this one requires:
8 Finest Pear Wood
8 Finest Tin Bar
8 Finest Rabbit Fur
8 Shiny Tigerseye

1 Finest Pear Wood requires 10 Pear Wood
1 Finest Tin Bar requires 10 Tin Bar
1 Finest Rabbit Fur requires 10 Rabbit Fur
1 Shiny Tigerseye requires 10 Tigerseye(A) and 1 Abrasive Agent

So to make this, you'd need 80 Pear Woods, 80 Tin Bars, 80 Rabbit Furs, 80 Tigerseye(A), and 8 Abrasive Agents.

February 10th, 2016, 07:23 PM
We will get more costume recipes when (or rather IF) Copperhorn Mountain Dream World releases.

But basically to sum up Lucid's Post:
All recipes related to making costumes come from the Firework Map (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Firework_Map). You will require dozens of tier 5 materials, A-grade modding gems, and Abrasive Agents (something that HLA Weapon people can make). RIP

Our current costume recipes include:
Black Cowboy Set
Gothic Cross
Playboy Bunny sets (Red, Golden, White, Pink, Black)
Golden Dancing Blades
White Ninja Set
Silver Crossed Blades

I might have missed a few, particularly some specific ones. Keep in mind the recipe that you can get depends on the boss spawned (something that hasn't been fully explored yet).

February 10th, 2016, 08:15 PM
Thank you both, that helps out a LOT! <3 I appreciate your answers, and look forward to exploring costume alchemy more as well. :D

February 11th, 2016, 04:55 PM
This is probably missing some drops (it's definitely missing some recipe materials) but it should form a very good base to add to.

Fireworks Boss Drops
(Translated from this source (http://domo-zigzag.blogspot.ca/2010/02/blog-post_06.html), which seems to be based off of this (http://wiki2.gamer.com.tw/wiki.php?n=7437:%E7%85%99%E7%81%AB%E6%8B%9B%E6%80% AA%E7%B3%BB%E7%B5%B1&ss=7437&f=M)). Any translation errors are my own.

Bosses marked with a * have system broadcasts when spawned

Steel Scorpion:
Finest Pear Wood Recipe
Shiny Tigerseye Recipe
Turquoise (A)
Olivine (A)

King Noisy Snake:
Shiny Aquamarine Recipe
Shiny Moonstone Recipe
Shiny Ruby Recipe
Opal (A)
Spinel (A)

Wild Monkey Leader:
Shiny Agate Recipe
Finest Tin Recipe
Turquoise A
Olivine (A)

Bully Bullcarp:
Shiny Citrine Recipe
Finest Rabbit Fur Recipe
Turquoise (A)
Olivine (A)

Immortal Wisewood Crone:
Shiny Obsidian Recipe
Shiny Amethyst Recipe
Opal (A)
Spinel (A)

*Garnet Godwin:
Black Cowboy Costume Recipe
Gothic Cross Costume Recipe
Golden Dancing Blades Recipe
Moonstone (A)

*Fiery-Eyed Jimmy:
White Ninja Costume Recipe
White Ninja Sword Recipe
Ninja Helmet II Recipe
Ruby (A)

*New Year Monster:
Black Cowboy Hat Recipe
Black Cowboy Costume Recipe
Playboy Bunny Costume (Pink) Recipe
Ruby (A)

*Emperor Dragon People Storm:
Playboy Bunny Costume (White) Recipe

*Western Tiger General:
Playful Bunny Headgear Recipe
Playful Bunny Costume Recipe
Olivine (A)
Spinel (A)

*Rune Firebird:
Playboy Bunny Headgear(Golden) Recipe
Playboy Bunny Costume(Golden) Recipe
Olivine (A)
Opal (A)
Spinel (A)

*Northern Turtle Legion Commander:
Playboy Bunny Costume(Black) Recipe
Playboy Bunny Headgear(Black) Recipe

Silver Crossed Blades Recipe
Dreamstone Essence Recipe
Moonstone (A)
Aquamarine (A)

Recipe Material Requirements:

Finest XX Recipe:
XX*10 ?[e.g. Finest Rabbit Fur = Rabbit Fur*10]
Shiny XX Recipe:
XX (A) Gem *10 + Abrasive Agent*1
[e.g. Shiny Tigerseye Recipe = Tigerseye (A)*10 + Abrasive Agent*1]

Playboy Bunny Headgear (All colours):
Shiny Tigerseye*8, Finest Pear Wood*8, Finest Rabbit Fur*8, Finest Tin Bar*8
Playboy Bunny Costume (All colours):
Shiny Tigerseye*10, Shiny Agate*10, Finest Pear Wood*10, Finest Tin Bar*10, Finest Rabbit Fur*10

Black Cowboy Costume:
Shiny Citrine*11, Shiny Agate*11, Finest Pear Wood*11, Finest Tin Bar*11, Finest Rabbit Fur*11
Black Cowboy Hat:
Shiny Citrine*8, Finest Pear Wood*8, Finest Tin Bar*8, Finest Rabbit Fur*8

White Ninja Sword:
Shiny Olivine*5, Shiny Opal*5, Finest Pear Wood*10, Finest Tin Bar*10, Finest Rabbit Fur*5

Golden Dancing Blades:
Finest Tin Bar*15, Finest Pear Wood*15, Shiny Spinel*15, Shiny Aquamarine*15

Silver Crossed Blades:
Finest Tin Bar*18, Finest Pear Wood*18, Dreamstone Essence*10, Shiny Moonstone*18, Shiny Ruby*18