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February 21st, 2016, 04:53 PM
Hi everyone :c anyway Ill get right to the point. (Before I start, I wanna explain what Steam Trading Cards are, they are basically cards you get from playing games that were purchase or download through steam and you can trade them, level up and etc. They will give you half of the set for each purchase game and none for free to play games)
I was excited to see lucent heart launch on steam, and I decided to buy suba points through steam. The link was broken 404 no server. That's not the problem here, I already told support staff about this issue and they fixed it, but throughout that time I purchase suba points from the website and not through steam, I spend the points and realize I didn't get the card dropping counts(it's basically the amount of game time or the amount of money you spend on a free to play game to get the cards)
I'm just hoping if there's any way for me to claim that I spend points in lucent heart and I was using steam so I can get my card drops
I just don't know where ask about this, other than the forum. The ticket systems doesn't have an open ticket filing so I don't know which category I should ask under.
Thank for reading :L I know it's alot but I just don't know where to ask.