View Full Version : DOMO Version 10 is LIVE + Price Reductions; Up to 75% off for 100 items!

March 10th, 2016, 03:52 PM
We are pleased to announce the launch of version 10! In this update we have new maps, SE6 pet tokens and around 100 items have permanently received up to a 75% discount!

NEW MAP: Giantwood Manor
The famous Rejuvenation College of Medicine resides at Giantwood Manor in the midst of Giantwood Forest. Something is amidst as terrifying ghosts have taken up residence of the manor! You will need to climb your way all the way up to the top to challenge these ghostly fiends!


NEW MAP: Spooky Bottom
Spooky Bottom is a map that players may enter via the Observation Deck in Eversun City with the Clever King blessing. Players may come to test their mettle or to grow stronger than ever before!


Added: SE6 Pet Tokens
Players may now straight purchase the never before seen SE6 Pets!

Added: ALL items that are labelled as HOT have been reduced by up to 75% or is available at discount pricing if bought in bulk.

NEW Item Mall items:

-Reincarnation Stone & Dim Reincarnation Stone with Dreamstone Essences
-Straight Buy Permanent Costume Purchases that are brand new:
-Red gas Mask
-Black gas Mask
-Thunder God's Wings IV & V

By next week on Thursday, we'll take off the HOT tag of the items but we'll have a list of all items that received reductions.