View Full Version : Patch Notes for 3/14/2016 Localization

March 15th, 2016, 06:10 AM
Quick Synopsis of Yesterday's patch. Mostly translation, text and quest adjustments. Low level quests have been adjusted to better assist new players. Such examples as the infamous " Get Dressed Quest"


Player Skill Descriptions (no more "null" and skills should now have their proper descriptions)
System Messages (E.g no more weird "cant use while transformed")
UI descriptions - Updated to be more helpful
Monsters' Names - No more ?'s or Gibberish.
Gear Descriptions - Updated additional gear descriptions and should now display proper stats and buff effects.(Ongoing)
NPC's Names & Dialogues - English and legible
IM Items' Names & Descriptions (E.g "Select Craft Fire" is now " Exceptional Craft Fire")

Elemental Pets now show their max lvl stats.

Maps (missing maps show up in world map + fixed map transaction)
Various Quests Data/Descriptions - Quests showing $23592385 and translations that were confusing have been corrected for most)

- White Day Quest and NPC's now reflect the correct dialogue and humor that they were intended.
- Get Dressed Quest now has been rewritten to reduce the desire to bash ones head against a wall hoping for answers.
- Various V8,v9, and v10 quests corrected to display the proper texts.

Schematics' Names & Descriptions

-V8/9 Schneider, Ossus, and other Schematics now reflect their rightful descriptions and text.

Consumables Descriptions (E.g "Physical Dew" is now "Constitution Dew")
Pets Descriptions - Now show the Pet's max lvl stats for use when shopping for pets.
Passive Pet Skill descriptions - Various Pet skills descriptions have been updated to reflect the Pets actual abilities and skills.
Battle Pet Descriptions - Skills should reflect correct descriptions for most pets. (WIP for all future pets )
Effects Descriptions for skills and other debuffs now display correctly.

As always additional bugs will be tracked in the Bug thread https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=84396