View Full Version : March 17th 2016: St. Patrick's Sale

March 17th, 2016, 10:56 AM
Hello everyone!
Today we're having a St. Patrick's Sale on Item Mall. Enjoy the discounts on many green items!


List of items On Sale:

Teal Swan Set (F)
Laurent Set (M)
Kimono-Musashi (M)
Green Framed Glasses
Table Gachapon
Shiya Gachapon
Ebisu Gachapon
Super Hair Dye Color "Green"
Green Tea Honey Cake
Light Green Pet Cookie
Green Pet Cookie
Praying Hera's Crystal
Praying Ares' Crystal
Praying Gaia's Crystal
Craft Magic Stone
Enhanced Movement Potion
Snipe Enchantment
Character Slot Expansion
Beautiful Flower Pot
Champagne Bottle

A special thanks to HinataHime and ImTheHolyLord for modeling!