View Full Version : March 18th 2016: Item Mall Release

March 18th, 2016, 05:51 PM
Hello everyone!

Here's today's Item Mall release:


Green Rocker Set (M)
Green Rocker Set (F)
Crab Hat

Following St. Patrick's day we've decided to release a brand new green costume. These outfits will be removed from IM next friday; get them while you can!
We're also having a mini IM Update next monday, so stay tunned!

Other than the release we've also removed the following items from the IM:

Purple Rocker Set (M)
Purple Rocker Set (F)
Forever In Love Gachapon
Forever Alone Gachapon

Monday's Mini IM Update:

Hattori Hanzo Gachapon
Joan of Arc Gachapon
Zodiac Sun Card Gachapon
Zodiac Moon Card Gachapon
Zodiac Star Card Gachapon