View Full Version : March 25th 2016: Item Mall Release & Easter Sales

March 25th, 2016, 03:50 PM
Hello everyone!

Here's today's Item Mall release:


Light Blue Set
Light Blue Navy Suit
Room Sneaking Service (30 days)

We're aware that the Room Sneaking Service is giving an error that doesn't allow it's purchase; we'll fix it when we can.
Other than the releases we've also removed the following outfits from the IM:

Green Rocker Set (M)
Green Rocker Set (F)


Enjoy Easter's discounts from today until monday 12:00AM server time! A list with all the items On Sale can be seen below.


Battle Mount Gachapons
Zodiac Plush Gachapon
Battle Pet Gachapons
Passive Pet Gachapons
Dalmation Bunny Set (Female)
Maid Set
Elegant Two Toned+ Set
Pink Sugar Set
Dalmation Bunny Set (Male)
Black Gentleman+ Set
Super Hair Dye Color "Navy Blue"
Griffin Wings
Peppermint Bunny Backpack
Duku's Wing
Lucille's Wing
Facial Makeups
Pisces Austrinus
Zodiac Pets
Bravery keys

Praying Crystals
Blessing Crystals
Craft Gloves
Exceptional Craft Fire
Craft Fire
Minotsize Tool Set
Best Grade Success Potion
Fortune Amulet Gachapon
Permanent Guild Stone
Permanent Backpack Expansion
Permanent OEM Space Expansion
Permanent Sales Stand Expansion
Permanent Wanted Stand Expansion
Pemanent Delivery Service
Permanent Shared Warehouse
Permanent Mobile Warehouse
Permanent Warehouse Expansion
Super Divorce Agreement
Mutual Divorce Agreement
Doorplate Writing Tool

Note: This list might be subject to change.