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March 31st, 2016, 08:04 PM
This is a remastering of nobodynat's original guide from the grave! Outside of some corrections all credit belongs to the original poster.


How to make a party and its functions
What you want to do before any fighting
Know thyself before knowing thy enemy
Know thy enemy
Weird Party combinations
Closing words


This is a guide for partying, by this I mean mainly a party against Bosses or serious grinding.

Most parties I see are just people who grind for a common mob for a quest, respecting others by not kill stealing due to lack of mobs in the area. This guide might be for you as well, just not as much.

Below (and above) are definitions of words I would use that many others might not know, so I’ll get it out of the way first.
A Mob -a monster
To Grind -killing many mobs (normally the same ones) over and over again for exp/items
AOE - Area of effect

How to make a party and its functions

To start off, making a party is simply pressing one of the icons in the actions section of the skill menu. You can then invite other people by right clicking on them and invite to party. You need to be party leader to do this.

There are 3 different kinds of item getting settings at the top left corner of the screen. This can only be changed by the party leader
-Damage priority - This is where whoever does the most damage to the mob gets the item from killing it. This option might be used if you think you (assuming you’re the leader) are doing all the work (those slackers). Or it might be used when you afk, so items go to people who do work when you still get exp
-Random - This is... random, there isn’t an ideal situation for this, just someone in the party gets something. I guess afk leaders might do this, or something.
Edit: I seem to have noticed that those who do no damage dont get as much (if any) items, being a tank who just taunts mobs that teammates have drawn in, this might seem a bit unfair for the tank
-Progressive default - This is where everyone has a chance of getting the item, just that the one who does the most work is more likely than everyone else, this is default and is pretty fair provided everyone does something. This is probably used to ensure supports and tanks actually get something.

The party options at the top left corner of the screen are from left to right;
- Invite - select another player and invite them (leader only)
- Expel - select a player and kick them out of the party (leader only)
- Delegate - select a player and assign them as leader (leader only)
- Disassemble - disband the party, everyone gets kicked out (leader only)
- War - wage war with another party, both leaders have to agree (leader only)Note this is not currently in Luna Reborn.
- Withdraw - get out of the party (everyone else)

Oh and to talk to other part members, start with #[chat stuff]. Clicking party at the chat box will automatically do this for you.

Oh, I totally forgot! Max party members seems to be 7 people. So the more the merrier and easier

Ok now onto the serious stuff you want

What you want to do before any fighting

Buffs. Buff everyone on your team. If you can tell you have the best buff of the type some other party members have, by all means buff that after them. It’s better. Also buffs makes everyone last longer and can do more damage/heals.

Communicate. Talk through plans and what each person should do. Its better to be prepared and fail than not and fail faster

Know thyself before knowing thy enemy

Here we go, now we need to know what we're doing. There are 3 main groups; DPS, Tank, and Support, although there are always hybrids. An ideal group is 2 DPS, 1 Tank and 1 Support, for the meantime, I will assume that is the case below, although I will explain what to do in other party situations.

DPS (Damage Per Second)
These are the main damage dealers, your job is to kill everything the Tank taunts, because otherwise the mob will just stay there nearly forever. Tanks can last long, but they don’t do much damage compared to you (usually).
Ranged DPS-i.e. Mages, Rangers equiv. You guys just sit back, relax next to support and pummel all you got at the boss/mobs.
Melee DPS-Sit next to the tank, and attack all you got. You should have higher Def than Ranged DPS if your Fighter class so you shouldn’t worry about getting hit as much. I’m not sure with dagger based DPS thou.

Priority #1 Save the Support
Assuming the Supporter is a healer, they are essential to your survival. With them gone, the tank goes, and then you go. So Saving them is a must.
Priority #2 Save yourself
This shouldn’t happen that often, but if so, either wait for Tank to taunt off you or kill the mob really fast if you can. If its the Boss hitting you, then run around like a lunatic. That is, if your pure DPS and not a Hybrid Tank
Priority #3.1 Do not taunt off the Tank
This applies mainly for mob grinding. Unless the Tank has a really high level of taunt, then this doesn’t apply as much. You don’t want mobs being gathered by the Tank to suddenly turn around and hit you. Face it, you can’t take as much pain as a Tank, and you’re easily dead.
Priority #3.2 Repeat Do Damage
Give the Boss/Mobs everything you got!

Tank (or meat shield)
Your job is to soak up all that nasty damage, because you can. Tanks are hard to kill, they have so much more Def than anything else. Your job is to taunt, and to last long. Tanks are 99.9% Melee.
Priority #1 Taunt off Support
With Support dead, you're dead.
Priority #2 Taunt off DPS
Not as important as #1, but it’s their fault usually, still you don’t want them to die, otherwise who will get those mobs off your back?
Priority #3 Repeat Taunt boss (AOE for mobs)
Keep taunting, really. It’s to prevent them from switching to the DPS after a while, as well, you’re not doing much damage so the boss/mobs might view the DPS as a larger threat and attack them.

Support (Healers)
Your job is to support everyone, not by cheering, it isn’t useful. Healers are usually 99.9% ranged.
Priority #1 Save yourself
You are the most important member in the team, if you die, everyone dies. Normally. So run like a chicken and heal yourself. In most cases, by the time you realize your being hit, you’re dead thou...
Priority #2 Save anyone near death.
Other support/DPS, because if they get hit again, they're dead.
Priority #3 Repeat Heal/buff tank
This is the main thing that happens, and should happen. Anyway, Tank goes, everyone goes. Don’t forget those short time buffs too.

Hybrids - They are really common, and its for those people who think they can do everything themselves
DPS-Tank, Whist weaker than a true DPS or Tank, they can do the job too, naturally it might take longer.
DPS-Support, Mage class usually, it’s sort of a support when everyone needs them and a damage dealer when they don’t.
Tank-Support, Eh? Rare I would say, it’s very unlikely, and anyway, healing themselves is the same as being a Tank.
DPS-Tank-Support, Same as above. That, and just solo, really, a party doesn’t need you.

That’s all there is to the main point of this thread. Below are just small points to consider.

Know thy enemy
If you know what attacks the boss/mobs make, you can better prepare yourself. As in Luna, Its only Physical (Melee) and Magical (Range). There might be Ranged physical or magical Melee attacks, but not to my knowledge (yes, those arrows are magic attacks ).

If the Boss/Mobs have AOE attacks, extra precaution is needed, to my knowledge no mob does this in Luna. If so, Range and Support need to step back.

Weird Party combinations
Ok, we all know (do you?) we can replace a DPS and a Tank with a DPS-Tank Hybrid, but what if you can’t find that Tank or Support? This is where it gets interesting

Those with a * at the end do not work on Boss fights. Or shouldn’t theoretically.

Since Pure tanks and supports are so hard to find, let’s start with those.

DPS+DPS+DPS (Melee)*
You are all squishy, but that doesn’t mean you cant take it! Everyone on one mob at a time, alternate between who taunts mobs. Assign jobs to who taunts, if you have a taunt spell, then use it to save others in need. This party can rack up alot of exp really fast, just hope you don’t make a mistake and die.

DPS+DPS+DPS (Range)*
You are more squishy, all you have to do is kill the mob before they even reach you! Right? Thou this is kind of hard if people don’t pay attention, so assign jobs, as to who taunts the mob, or some kind of countdown of everyone attacking. This party can rack up alot of exp really fast provided everyone does its job. Any mistake and Dead

Tank+Tank+Tank (Melee)
Whoa! No Wayyy, you managed to get 3 pure tanks? This is the case of lasting a very very very long time. You can taunt off another tank for them to regain hp, and a 3 way cycle does nice. You can kill a boss in time doing this. Mobs wise... It’s about the same, cycle through who taunts, and everyone does AOE damage.

Tank+Tank+Tank (Ranged)*
You’re a hybrid DPS/Support really, so you’re not a tank. Go away.

Support+Support+Support (Melee)
You’re a Tank, so go away.

Support+Support+Support (Ranged)*
Whoa! How did you even get a party full of supports? I envy you. Ok, so this is a problem as you are all squishy. It’s near impossible to boss fight and grind, but follow these near impossible steps and you might get somewhere. Assign a 'tank', then take turns giving them invulnerability status!!! If this works, I want a video, and I give you a hearty congrats. You can tank anything. Otherwise you die.

DPS+DPS/Tank+Tank (Ranged/Melee DPS, there are no Ranged tanks)
Ok, so you can’t heal as much (Some tanks do heal themselves) the basics is the same, just not as safe as if a support is around.

Tank+Tank/Support+Support (Tanks are melee, Support are Range obviously)
This is simple, Tank does taunt, and Support gives health, boss dies in quite some time.

DPS+DPS+Support *
This is very difficult, unless the boss/mobs are easy. But everyone can get killed very fast.

This is also difficult, but with two healers, it might be doable, added with twice invulnerability buff, it might work

For you guys, go with what you do best, otherwise go for what’s missing, you guys are more suited for solo than true partying but ehh, it’s alright

Remember, the classic and most optimized party is at least;
2 DPS as they are so common,
Tank for shield
Support to cheer on others

Closing words

So there you have it, and time for some closing words. I hope you all enjoy partying, and hope there is some serious parties going on so more bosses can be killed so there will be a flood of awesome items in the market thus pushing prices down so I can afford it

[Guide] A Successful Party (Bosses and Grinding)

If there is anything else needing adjustment to this do not hesitate to PM me! I went through and adjusted what I thought needed changing but overall the original guide still holds well!

April 2nd, 2016, 02:30 AM
Thanks for the tips! :COOL:

April 2nd, 2016, 03:22 AM
Excellent guide. Now if only there was a solution here for the looted items crashing your game. ^_^"

April 3rd, 2016, 03:38 AM
Excellent guide. Now if only there was a solution here for the looted items crashing your game. ^_^"
Keep inventory full ( ?° ?? ?°)