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April 13th, 2016, 01:59 AM
Hi there! My in-game name is |Sapphire|. You might have seen me around.

I just noticed there are many new players that still seem rather lost so I've made a guild called: AEGIS.

Well it's still somewhat under construction (partly because I'm not sure how to go on about it), but if anyone is interested to join and/or help out, that would be great~ I'm hoping to have guild events, along with helping people with Job Changes or quests that they may have a hard time doing. I seem to be answering game questions here and there when I can so... It pretty much includes that, too.

Ultimately, my ideal is for the new players to get along and know each other so they can grow together. I mean, that's how most high-level guilds are structured, as friends play with friends they got to know through being in the same guild.

I've made a Shivtr site with a collection of LH guides here and there (not to discredit those who made them, I collected them for personal use in the first place and now I'm just sharing them). Anyone can apply there so feel free to do so. I'll be checking the site frequently for applications.

Here's a link: AEGIS LH Website (http://aegislh.shivtr.com/)

You can also comment in this thread if you're interested to join or what you're expecting a Newbie Help Guild to have, suggestions and such. Or contact me in-game or through Facebook (Avarice Sapphire de Castia).

Have a great day~ o/

April 14th, 2016, 03:34 PM
o3o... I'm starting to think this isn't doing so well. 8I

I got two helpers and no newbies. XD

May 8th, 2016, 08:14 AM
o3o... I'm starting to think this isn't doing so well. 8I

I got two helpers and no newbies. XD

Umm.. Are you guys still recruiting? I'm kind of new. I've been playing LH the whole day (I just started today). I haven't even had any conversations with anyone. It's really boring with out anyone to talk to and it's really rare to find anyone while doing quests outside the city. I'm having fun playing it alright, but being alone just makes it.. uh.. weird.. My IGN is Jolt and I'm currently level 22 while typing this. I just had to go to the forums and search for people recruiting since talking to people in game isn't my forte.. hahaha

I'll say thank you in advance for whatever the response is. owo

May 10th, 2016, 10:08 AM
i am downloading the game now and will be a first time player so hopefully you will still be accepting noobs

July 6th, 2016, 11:44 AM
Hi, I just started playing yesterday and I was wondering if you're still recruiting newbies? I'm currently a lvl 12 Sagittarius gunner (hoping to continue to lvl)