View Full Version : ded (need help guys)

April 18th, 2016, 09:34 PM
So I go ahead and open a stall, hoping that I sell this Herc I got and get my 15 mil. I put it up, and everything seems normal so far, yea? So I go afk. Suddenly, 5 minutes after I put the stall up, I hear the sound of a transaction. The juicy money awaits. I go on, to close the shop of course, when all of a sudden, I notice a player by the name of JeonJungKook bought my Herc, but not for 15 mil... He bought it for 1.5m instead... So yea, if anyone could help me out, maybe find out who the guy is so that I can explain the whole situation to him, maybe he'll pay me the rest, maybe I'll pay him that 1.5 back and he'll give me my herc back, who the hell knows?
But yea, thanks to everyone who helped.

Picture: http://imgur.com/kfEB4mx

Issue has been resolved. This guy is the real mvp.