View Full Version : [May 9th, 2016] Scheduled Server Maintenance

May 9th, 2016, 01:25 AM
Hey everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day ~

There will be a scheduled server maintenance on Monday, May 9th, 2016.
The maintenance will start at 2:00PM EST (6:00PM GMT).
The maintenance will last approximately 30 minutes ending around 2:30PM EST(6:30PM GMT).

Estimated time for maintenance are always subject to change.

Since this will be our first server maintenance, please keep in mind that we will be doing these maintenances every week, every Monday.

May 9th, 2016, 02:48 PM
huaaa.. okiee joof

May 9th, 2016, 02:55 PM
Good luck with everything o: Hope it goes smoothly

May 9th, 2016, 02:58 PM
lag fixes ftw xD

May 9th, 2016, 03:45 PM
Server is back up now

May 9th, 2016, 04:06 PM
I can play the game with one character, but not with my other one.

May 9th, 2016, 04:22 PM
Draconia Tomb is down and My character"Aladdin" is stuck there please move to alker harbor.

May 9th, 2016, 04:22 PM
Yeah, same here, can't play with my main, "The server is off" pops up every time i try to connect... It's all good when i create new one though.