View Full Version : Monster Invasion Event! 7/30/16

July 28th, 2016, 08:36 PM
Monsters Among Us!

Rare Monsters with great loot are hiding among our populations in the Blueland. Find the Intruders for EXCELLENT prizes! Pockets (100 lv3 Gems) of all types! as well as the ever elusive 20% 1 Hour Scrolls! The Monsters look talk and life among their native populations but tend to wander....Find something out of place! KILL IT! It may be that set of gems you need! Or those scrolls you need! These monsters have infiltrated a few populations of each specified map!

Find them and be rewarded! Rules are as follows:

Please Try To Kill Monsters in your level range. (Kill Them With Kindness)

Monsters Will Spawn on Specified Maps on EVERY CHANNEL!

The Channel difference does affect which gem they drop!

Each Map will have 1 WAVE of these spawns!(Once They're Dead Normal Mobs Spawn in their Place!)

Invasion Starts On Saturday 7/30/16! At 7:00 PM EDT! (Server Time)
Have fun and keep that inventory open! You'll Need it!,