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August 10th, 2016, 10:25 PM
I don't think it's any stretch to say that the server is... well dead. There are a few dedicated players still. Myself being one of them. I want so badly for this game to do well... deep down I know it can. I know people don't think they're being heard, I feel that way too. The mods are open to questions, but the discussion is a glimmer of what it once was.

With that said, for the GMs, Mods and Devs here's a few things I really think can start to bring some life back to the game. I know others can agree too.

First and foremost the bugs. Some bugs have been present from day one. Even minor bugs that just haven't been touched. Things should be clean and run smoothly for a game to look professional and be functional. The game breakers have been fixed, and we appreciate that. But there still needs to be work and focus put into the rest.

EXP... This has gotten a bit better. Don't get me wrong, it's improved. But the difference between regular grinding and the dungeons is so different. Grinding in a lvl appropriate area with 3 exp scrolls on gets me 4000-8000 exp on average. Now compare that to one enemy killed in a dungeon at 10 000-100 000 depending on the map. Don't lower the dungeon exp... but I still think regular exp should have a small boost. At least so that you're getting 0.01+ exp with every kill.

I personally love the new TP system. It makes me feel like grinding is improving me, even a little. It's some insentive! So good on that.

Going back to grinding, as that's the core of the game. Quests need to give WAY more reward. As of now there is no point in doing them minus the item rewards. This has been something people have wanted reworked from day one. It shouldn't be hard fix either, adding multipliers to the gold and exp.

The special sets. There needs to be a way to actually get them. Yes, field bosses. But those require a party. Only one member gets anything. It's really not worth it. I rather grind for each piece. I remember doing that before and feeling rewarded when I finally got my set! Right now, any drops equals either the only real way of getting gold or gems.

Crafting and enchanting. Two major parts of the game! The crafting system... well it's crap to be blunt. Store up 3 of the previous gear and get the new one. Oh and it can fail. It's just, I feel zero incentive to craft. Before it was like a puzzle gathering all the different molds, metals, oils and ore to make an awesome sword. It created a wonderful economy in game too, selling all the different materials! It was fun. It was work, and that's what made it exciting for me! Now the only thing people really craft are pets.

As for enchanting... it's expensive. Day one it was expensive. There is no failure rate from what I can tell making those scrolls useless. So it costs a lot, reward is meh and there is zero chance for failure. Unless I know I'm going to be using a set for a while it's just a waste of precious gold.

Drop rates. They've never been consistent. They're actually really low. They got a bit better this last update or the one before, but enemies don't drop anything worthy. The dungeons gave good rewards before... now candy... and I may get one piece if I'm lucky. This needs to be fixed.

ADVERTISEMENT! There is none. Now that all the kickstarter people have given up no one knows this game even exists. I joined the old luna because of a side ad. That would even be nice here. Or release it on steam. You honestly have nothing to lose at this point. Bring new people in if not encourage the old to come back.

More GM presence. I know Alec writes the patch notes... but is he the only GM now? I know we can ask directly, but it'd be nice to have more of you there. Even just recently I had a guild mate who lost his bow in the warehouse. We had to tell him that there are no in game GMs and he's need to send a ticket. He said he would but by the time they'd see that it wouldn't matter. That's sad. He was discouraged because he knew that there was no way he could really contact anyone. Even one day a week, it'd be nice.

That's honestly all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more but I want other players to voice it themselves. What do you think could give this game a bit more life?

August 11th, 2016, 03:30 AM
I made a similar post on this :p