View Full Version : 8/15 Alker Trading Company's "The Weekly Grind"

August 15th, 2016, 03:01 PM
This a new player based news reporting agency that will be covering many of the games aspects from the player's point of view. This weeks highlights are:

This Week's Grievances:

1. Current reports are that the TOG (Tower of Greed) is not operable. When you go to NPC, and click on the dungeon, it will not teleport you there.
2. Alker Trading Company has created the White list and Black list of individuals traveling in and out of Alker Harbor. The white list is consisted of friendly players who are somewhat active and friendly new people. The black list is consisted of people who are known to exercise more of a mean spirited character on most people they come across.
3. Dungeons are not dropping very desirable items and the bosses have become not worth it in time because they are not dropping accessories or anything to replace them.
4. Players are currently in an uproar of the last "escort the GM" event because they were promised a reward for escorting, however the escort has still refused to pay compensation for the hard effort of the individuals who escorted him.

Free rewards are for people on white list. If you are on the black list, your name will be known as a person who the new people should avoid.

Newbie Forecast:

We have seen a few new people trickle in this week. Alker Trading Company tries to gift each one in some kind of way with gear that is by player standards really awesome. The white list has been keeping decent track of these new people so we can supply people of all levels with what they need.

Current News:

Newbie Helping Company is hosting power leveling for levels 50-68 at the moment. Just pm CecilHarvey or ClaudeKenniSO for opening slots.

An Aureboros impersonator was found on the server today. Aureboros is one of our favorite Mods in Luna! The event occured shortly after 1030 AM est today when an individual used a megaphone and made it sound like he was our favorite Mod ragequiting.

GM Alectronas made an appearance on the server today and established his greetings. There were also a few Canadian Puns involved, but everyone made it out alive without any exp reduction. There were brightened spirits today in Alker Harbor. He has also assured us for the time being Luna does have some "long term plans". So those who lost hope, we have some sunshine today.


1. Raid/Field Bosses should drop boxes for everyone that is attacking. The armors that drop at the moment are not superior in stats by any means. Keep the accessory drop the same, however make the accessory rare (blue).

2. Regular monster exp is incredibly too low. ATC's Helper tank grinded for near 12 hours and the results were subpar. While AP was gained, exp was miserable.