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August 22nd, 2016, 01:27 AM

Are you tired of paying for your Garnet Godwin Prints? Do you wanna hit level 70 for once? Do you have an affinity for difficult raids? You've come to the right thread.

Garnet Godwin is infamous for being rather difficult to do and her prints being required to unlock level 70. Luckily there are print sellers, but spending gold on that isn't always easy. So why not rally your guild up and learn more about how to tame this mystical creatu--er, lady?

This guide is to give you an idea what you're up against and ways to get around them.

The Lair

Like the majority of raids in this game, it's a single lair. To prevent too much time from being taken, you should run as fast as possible. Coordinate Goose Formation and Diligent Ditty accordingly and head to the first crystal at the end of the hallway. You're not at the fight yet; there's another room up ahead you'll need to run through.

If anyone is stuck outside due to monsters being nearby, either kill them or have someone drop them by carrying them away and de-aggroing them somehow.

In the second room, when everyone arrives, redo Goose Formation and Diligent Ditty and keep running down. If you are headed the right direction, there will be a large door with a crystal in front of it. THIS is the crystal to enter the Garnet Godwin fight. There will be a Demonic Daisy guarding it, but that can be dropped easily.

The Boss

What you really came here for: the boss fight.

Something to note about Godwin herself: Human Spirit. This skill does approximately 90% of your maximum HP in damage. When she is healthy, it will only hit whoever she is targeting (thus, single-target), with the range of it indicated by a red warning circle. When she is low on HP (let's say 20%), it will turn into an AoE with a flashier warning circle, so it is advised to run away from it if you're squishy since she can follow up with weaker AoEs. With this said, it is important that whichever DPS consistently has Godwin's aggro (this should be your strongest one) is to be focused on by supports so that they don't get killed by Human Spirit.

The safest place to fight her would be near the entrance, especially if your raid party is small. If you chose to kill her there however, be extremely wary to not click the red crystal behind you, or else you will leave the fight early. What makes this fight so difficult is the sheer amount of adds she can summon. Without proper attention, it can get nasty quickly.

If you have a tank - Get your tank to kite as many monsters as he/she can. The tank should be well-equipped with Scapegoat Dolls just in case. He/she should be on a separate team with at least one or two supports to heal if necessary. The tank should also be reasonably fast to reduce the amount of hits he/she would take. Everyone else is to focus on Garnet Godwin.

If you don't have a tank - You'll have to take it the slower way and kill the adds Godwin spawns, since she is too tanky to just breeze through like you can with other raid bosses like Tigerman. Every time a wave spawns, your strongest DPS needs to stay on her. Every other DPS should focus on killing the adds.

Whichever method you chose to do, do mind the Mana Turrets. These objects are extremely long ranged and have good DPS, especially when they're focusing a person down. It is important to kill the Mana Turrets closest to your party, but make sure your strongest DPS stays on Godwin so she doesn't move around too much.

If you have successfully killed her, congratulations! That's more prints to feed the marke--er, the people who need to level to 70.


Godwin is no easy fight, so always be prepared to fight her with good gear and maybe HLA pills. I'd like to hope that this will help more guilds and people be prepared to fight her, since her prints are very important! Feel free to ask questions.


August 22nd, 2016, 10:53 AM
She's a lot bigger than I remember. o.o

If you need a tank for this, hit me up.

August 29th, 2016, 09:03 PM
She's a lot bigger than I remember. o.o

If you need a tank for this, hit me up.

Hi I need a tank. Are you available at 12 pst?

August 30th, 2016, 11:07 AM
Hi I need a tank. Are you available at 12 pst?

I work 8 am to 5 pm EST every single weekday. Usually not able to be active on domo until almost 7 EST due to dinner and what not. So anything after 4 pm PST would work. I'm currently using a leveling build, if you need forms I'd have to reskill.