View Full Version : StarOcean requesting Maxim Participation from all Guilds and bodies in the server!

September 3rd, 2016, 11:47 AM
StarOcean guild would like to have a meeting with all the guild currently active in the server. Both Red and Blue guilds are welcome. It will be to discuss newbie introduction and also manpower. We need more people to make more money for the server. But we also want to come here for fun and get some new friends. Other people like the challenge, but what challenge can we get if we reach the top and theres almost nobody around except for us?

I have aquired more SP purchasing power and will also do my best to even share some SP related items with other guilds, however I need some help from everyone to start being more positive and helping accomplish the goal of gaining and maintaining manpower on the server.

Currently I am sitting at 50k SP. I don't plan on spending much atm except for some expansions so I can hold more items to make for the new people. That and trying to make a gem storehouse for when I grind at 85 so I can support you all with lvl 3 gems.

The main thing I want to point out is that, I cannot do this all alone. I'm asking for help, and while I plan on getting 100k SP this month on top of the 50k I just got, money at this point doesn't mean much if we don't have the heart to take care of our people. So those in guilds who are not active that are RED, StarOcean is active. And for those who have blue guilds that are not active, I hope we can get a blue guild rep to come and start leading the charge in recruiting and maintaining a friendly presence in the server so we can an overall combat effective friendly server ^^.

My main problem with the execution of the mission is the Administration and Logistics. Logistics handles your beans, bullets, badguys, and bandaids. Beans- would be whatever items you need to keep people fed, like in this case it would be exp, AP, Skillpoints, food for buffs, items for buffs. Bullets -would be things like armor and weapons (even though buff items do buff your points, I know it could almost be considered a bullet, but its not because you eat and drink food and potions). Badguys- simply means the bosses or other guilds you will be fighting.

Side Note:
(My job as a tank is to be an outstanding leader of a party and known my limits and also understand what I am capable of as a tank to control bosses and mobs. You must also seek to understand the capabilities of your friends as well in a party so you have a general idea what effect you will have. Don't go to a party expecting a Holy Barrier, if you got only a Cleric. A well built tank has more opportunity to see what is going on and respond to almost every kind of situation. Also paladin gets a group heal that almost rivals group heal, so you will have the ability to do more than just be a meat shield. I firmly believe that no tank is complete unless you have a main gun. Attract circle is not a main gun, and if you get caught without a weapon, you can grab a whole map, but your efforts are minimal if not vain.

Bandaids- Making sure your boys are taken care of. This is more than just adding heals and other stuff as such. Its being there to help people to the point you would save their life. Potions and healers take care of keeping your HP up. But what if someone is sick or injured in real life on here? Support your friends and try to heal their wounds that are both mental and physical. If you cant be their physically, show them you care in some kind of way. Even GM Alectronas has to take care of things in real life, and if his mom died, we can't have people laughing at him or complaining about why the EXP isn't turned on. We need people who can console his broken heart and help him on his feet rather then kick him while hes down.

Finally, there are enemies out there that is fighting against everyone here in the server. So far the biggest enemies are extreme apathy, trolls, and people who are just plain malicious. Whether friend or foe, I try my best and will even offer a foe an entire stack of potions and be with them to the last minute being friendly, until I know I need to do my job and eliminate the target by whatever means I am allowed to use within the capabilities of this server. Everyone gets mad in the game sometimes, but if you are seriously evil to the heart to the point you need to go see a doctor, while I'm mostly nice, I will become unglued and do my very best to throw you into nearest trashcan. If I mess up, I expect you guys to help correct me too. I am not immune to giving instruction and not following it. Being angry at something is not wrong, but purposely making it up in your heart that all you want to do is grief and bully people is. If you can't help people, do not hurt them.

Lead, follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY! We all need to make a decision now!