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September 13th, 2016, 05:45 PM
(Long guide ahead. You've been warned.)

With the release of harder content such as Northern Turtle and Southern Vermilion lairs and a lot of other things in the end-game being more worthwhile doing (such as the Firework Map), it is more important than ever to have top-notch gear. But where do we even begin? What does it take to have amazing armor and weapons?
blood, sweat, tears, and complaints obviously

Let's start off with modding.

Modding System


This used to be considered an optional system. However, with rebirthing, harder content (that needs to be done), and overall with how it's more accessible to mod, it's becoming less and less of an option. You could get away without modding on your way 70, but the difference in being able to DPS well in some raids and/or tank efficiently will show.

What is Modding?

It is a system that allows players to gain additional attributes on their armors, weapons, and costumes. When equipment is upgraded, it is technically replacing your base equipment with something of a higher level, but with a random modding attribute gained. Once mod attributes have been gained, you can then power up this mod up to level 20. What do the levels represent? They are percent (%) values in most cases. For element defense, MP recovery, and HP recovery, they are flat numbers. For example, a physical attack mod that is 15/20 would be +15% attack. A MP recovery mod at 20/20 would be a flat +20 MP recovery.

With weapons and armor, you can gain three types of mods indicated by color. Green for uncommon, blue for rare, and purple/orange for legendary. The difference between uncommon, rare, and legendary is what materials you will need for them. Legendary stats will take the longest amount of time with the materials it will require. With costumes, stats are just added as you mod.

Just upgrading your armor and weapons for mods alone will add more to its existing base stats. Sometimes, a new base stat can be added. Here's a comparison example:

Legendary Banshee Bangle vs Banshee Bangle

Notice the 12 base magic attack it gains. Notice the huge difference in durability. The red numbers are coming from onyxes (magic accuracy), double gold stat bonus (accuracy and magic accuracy), and the actual mod stats (magic attack %, damage reduction III, and damage reduction I; you cannot see the damage reduction in this image). Dancer's Costume would gain base magic evasion. I could make a list of everything that has notable changes, but that would take ages and would be better off in its own thread.

How to Mod?

Go to the skills menu (Ctrl + X), go to Everyday Skills, and click the third row icon that says Upgrade.


Pick your weapon or armor that is clean, uncommon, or rare.


Gather the necessary items, which are typically Agates (if armor)/Tigersyes (if weapon), a collection material, a monster drop, and an upgrade scroll. With armor, you'll also need another armor piece. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE AN INSURANCE SCROLL UNLESS YOU WANT TO THROW A TEMPER TANTRUM.


Pray that you don't get a terrible stat. Do note that your armor will become higher leveled when you do this (so if you want a legendary Savage set for example, you need to upgrade either the Breastbone or Hedgehog set). HLA armor and weapons stay the same level.

Once you have upgraded all the way to legendary, proceed to power up your mod(s). Go back to Everyday Skills. From this point onwards this process is the same for costumes, but you use Premium Silk instead of Equipment Mod Scrolls.


You will first need an Equipment Mod Scroll. Remember, these come in different colors! There's green, blue, and orange. Make sure you remember this and get the right type of scroll if you're trying to power a specific mod (green for uncommon, blue for rare, orange for legendary).

I hate this wand...

Gather any materials it requires you to obtain. Don't forget Mod Insurance Scrolls; you still have the risk of losing your equipment and throwing a temper tantrum.


Repeat until you have reached 20/20.


You might want to know what stats you can mod. Here you go! (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Equipment_modification#Stat_Table) You also can check that materials you'll need for costumes on the same page too.


Always, always keep gems you find. Make some mules to hold these.
Keep all tier 5 and above materials you get from dice chests.
Use the Gem Trader (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Gem_Trader).
Save your Fireworks for the Firework Map. Get a team of people (or more) to do it with you. The amount of gems you can get from there will be worthwhile, either if you plan to use them or sell them.
For leveling and rebirthing, upgrade a level 40 armor set to 50. This should last you for a long time. If you want to be really hardcore for raids, upgrade level 60 armor or HLA armor (good luck with that :troll:).

Modding alone will not save you, unfortunately. First off, they are disabled in the Arena. Secondly, if you don't have all the defensive mods in the world, you can and will still be squishy. Finally, you will be missing the ever-so-important double gold bonuses. So let's go over THAT now!

You might notice a stunning lack of step-by-step images from now on. My apologies. To be fair, step-by-step images aren't as necessary for the remaining sections of this guide...

Double Golding

Want your weapon to have some sparkle like the pros? Want to stop dying in two hits from Northern Turtle Legionaries? Want the name of your equipment to be gold? Well too bad, you need all three of these things!

What is Double Golding?

Golding is the act of enchanting the stat bonus of your armor or weapon to the point of it having a gold color. What's so special about the gold color, you ask? Other than reaching the stat bonus cap, you also get another bonus with that gold number, which can vary depending on what you're using.

How to Double Gold?

You will need to use Green/Blue/Orange upgrade books, which you can obtain from the item mall. There are also advanced books from the item mall that you can use for a higher success rate and expensive tomes for a guaranteed success rate. I do not advise using the tickets in-game unless you're dealing with green stats; they are too expensive and have too low of a success rate (or too high of a risk) to be worth it. Most of the process can be skipped by obtaining your equipment somewhere that's NOT an NPC store. NPCs will not have a green/blue stat bonus. This is all the more reason people advise not to use NPC'd armor/weapons. In other words, get your gear from alchemy, drops, or from upgrading via mod system (you will have maxed blue stats). The stat bonus progress goes like this: None > Green > Blue > Orange > Gold

Green books will only work on equipment without a stat bonus or with a green number. Blue books will only work on blue numbers. Orange books will only work on orange numbers. Once you have hit an orange number, you might see words like this: "Peak: 0/10". This is to indicate how many more successful enchantments you must make before that stat becomes gold. Weapons must have 10 successful enchants, while an armor piece only requires 5. Once you have reached 6/10 for your weapon, consider using advanced books and a tome for 9/10. As for armor, you're more likely to get away without using advanced books or a tome, but it doesn't hurt to be too safe.

This process is daunting, as it is expensive and there is that creeping chance of failure. But like all great things in life, it must be worked towards.

Should I Prioritize On Specific Stats?

Yes. For weapons, you don't even have to gold both stats most of the time. Here's a sample of what you should be focusing on for weapons:

Syringe - Physical Attack for stronger heals
Bow - Magic Attack for stronger physical skill damage (I know it's odd)
Wand - Magic Attack for stronger magical skill damage
Musical Instrument - Physical Attack for stronger Transfusion Tune pretty much
Saber - Physical Attack for stronger auto attacks

How Badly Does It Matter For Armor?

Here's how it works for armor: each piece will provide an additional stat upon being golded. A glove with a golded magic defense stat will gain 10 magic accuracy. Trousers with a golded physical defense stat will gain 10% extra physical defense. HOWEVER, the bigger benefits don't start kicking in unless you gold BOTH stats on multiple pieces. Let's go back to my Legendary Banshee Bangle:


With three double golded pieces, you get an additional +10% HP and +10% MP. With four pieces, +20% HP and +20% MP. With five pieces, a bonus! What bonus does YOUR armor get?

Heavy Armor - Less damage taken from physical skills
Light Armor - Extra damage dealt with physical skills
Robes - Extra damage dealt with magical skills
Dancer's Costume - Less damage taken from magical skills
Clothing - Additional attack speed

So with this, what armor do you need? Should be pretty obvious, but I'll tell you anyway!

Skill Spam = Light Armor
Magic DPS = Robes
Attack Speed = Clothing; can mix Clothing and Dancer's Costume (this is one of the few--if not only--situations where mixing armor end-game is acceptable)
Support & Tank = Dancer's Costume or Heavy Armor

For an entire list of everything related to gold bonuses you can stalk the wiki (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Stat_bonus).

MORTAL REMINDER: Do this AFTER upgrading for mods! If you do it before then, you might as well stick with it until you upgrade another clean piece of equipment. Sure Gold Transfer Charms are a thing but still...

Onyxes? What Are They?

And of course, where would we be without the power of Onyxes? In case you don't know or aren't aware enough, Onyxes are stones that you can insert into your equipment to make it even better. There's a wide variety of them. Most of them can only fit into certain parts though! I'll provide a list of onyxes for specific equipment later.

How to Insert Onyxes?

Get an armor or weapon mallet/drill. Mallets can be bought from the Slotmaker in Eversun City, located near the Ironmonger. Drills are from the item mall, but they have a higher chance of succeeding and allow you to insert slot 3 and 4.

Now hit Ctrl+X once again and go to the Onyx menu. Select your armor or weapon. You will then use the appropriate mallet/drill. This can fail; you may have to make slot attempts multiple times. You will notice that you can only create a certain number of slots, depending on what mallet or drill you are using. If you see something that says "Location to produce empty weapon slots" and then something like 1, 1~2, 1~3, or 1~4, that's the number of slots your mallet/drill can produce. If it says 1, you can only create slot 1. If it says 1~2, you can create up to slot 2, and so on. Finally, just put your Onyx in your slotted weapon/armor and you're good to go!

The slot number is very important. If your Onyx says Slot 2, that means your Onyx can only be put in slot #2. It cannot be put in slot 1, 3 or 4. Similarly, a Slot 1 Onyx cannot be put in any other slot but slot 1.

What Onyxes Should I Use?

Whichever will optimize your job, role, or situation better. Skill Spam or Attack Speed? Get some Onyxes of Fraternity. Hate Northern Turtle Legionaries? Get Hexa and Snake Onyxes. Want Regeneration 11 to be even better? Get Onyxes of Loyalty. Trying to hit 200 Fire Defense? Get as many Onyxes of Moon for Fire Defense as possible. Do some research. Let's look at the Legendary Banshee Bangle one more time, but full view so you can see the onyxes:


Here's the list of Onyxes for each piece of equipment.

Weapon (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Weapon_Onyxes)
Trousers (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Trouser_Onyxes)
Body (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Body_Onyxes)
Hand (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Hand_Onyxes)
Shoe (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Shoe_Onyxes)
Head (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Head_Onyxes)
Shield (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Shield_Onyxes)


Well, if you wanted to be the best [s]like no one ever was, this is how you do it. Is money an issue? Too bad! This isn't a money-making guide! But it is an understandable issue. Try not to rush everything at once. However, don't expect to reach some of your higher-end goals without at least knowing these things. You can only go so far with that level 10 Light Armor set of yours. If you wanna get up there, you gotta do it one step at a time. If any this has helped you, I'm glad.

September 14th, 2016, 10:15 AM
Your wand in that screenshot is pretty OP.


September 15th, 2016, 11:18 AM
phy atk increases heals and fuse?

September 15th, 2016, 11:58 AM
phy atk increases heals and fuse?


Physical and magical attack have no influence on healing or Transfusion Tune. That's just the effect that you gain if you gold the physical stat on your Syringe or Musical Instrument.

January 25th, 2017, 09:19 PM
There is one thing this guide lacks, and that is for modding: which stats are actually good? After taking a look at this post, it became fairly long.

Here I will list each piece of equipment, the stats it obtains, and why you should get it. In some cases, aiming for a stat depends on what you're looking for. In other cases, that stat is so superior to you that it is a MUST. Combine your mod stats wisely; generally if you get an important stat on legendary, you're screwed unless you are crazy and have thousands of rubies, moonstones, turquoise, and obsidian. If you are aiming for the PERFECT equipment, you need to take a look at this.

Note: I am not taking the early-mid game into account because modding low lvl gear is pretty uncommon and unnecessary until 50. You're on your own for that.


Physical Attack - If you do not have this stat on your weapon as a phys DPS by the time you get to rare, start over.
Magic Attack - If you do not have this stat on your weapon as a magic DPS by the time you get to rare, start over.
HP - A good stat in general, but should come after phys and magic attack for your respective DPS type.
MP - Should come after your respective damage stat and HP.
Accuracy - This stat will taint your weapon entirely. Never prioritize this. Getting it on uncommon means you have bad luck.

This should be self-explanatory.

Body/Pants (they have the same obtainable stats...)

Physical Defense - More important than magic defense since physical threats are more common than magic in PvE in general. A universally good stat.
Magic Defense - Should come after physical defense, but there's nothing wrong with getting it either. It just makes you more likely to survive in other scenarios, like RUNE FIREBIRD. Then again, the rest of your options aren't too enticing.
HP Recovery - HP Recovery isn't a horrible stat, but the amount you get from modding isn't worth it.
MP Recovery - MP Recovery on the other hand is a godsend because it is so freaking valuable as a stat. Trust me. Only ASPD DPS would consider this useless.
Earth Defense - The only element stat worth modding in this earth meta.
Wood Defense - Why would you mod this?
Metal Defense - 60 from Secrets of the Metal Spirit > 20 MAX from an individual mod. Which is the obviously cheaper option if you're going to spam the Eastern Dragon Tower instance?
Fire Defense - For poor magic DPS that can't afford to go to Spooky Bottom and would be better off grinding in Western Tiger Tower. But again, Spirits are more worthwhile.
Water Defense - I feel like a broken record at this point. Spirits > Mods. Earth is the only element stat worth modding.

Avoid HP Recovery and the non-earth element defenses and you should be good.

Gloves/Boots (also have the same obtainable stats)

Physical Attack - A must on phys DPS. If you do not obtain it by the time you get to rare, start over.
Magic Attack - A must on magic DPS. If you do not obtain it by the time you get to rare, start over.
Accuracy - No.
Evasion - Evasion calculations in this game suck. Even if you had 1,000 evasion, some attacks will be guaranteed to hit no matter what, because Softstar said so. That being said, % evasion is worse than flat evasion. Avoid this.
Damage Reduction I (Blademaster, Fencer, Mercenary) - Relatively good, allows you to survive the Crystal Shield Northern Turtle Soldiers, the Tower Patrolling Spirits in raids, Crossbone Swordsman (lol), and BMs in duels (:troll:).
Damage Reduction II (Hunter, Thief, Merchant, Martial Artist) - Also relatively good, allows you to survive Northern Turtle Legionaries pretty much. Yes yes, there's duels too.
Damage Reduction III (Wizard, Witch Doctor, Shaman) - Meh. Good for Flying Noisy Snakes and Rune Firebird, but that's pretty much it for relevance. No wonder I keep one-shotting you people
Damage Reduction IV (Doctor, Musician, Dancer) - The only legit application I can see for this are the Sapphire Goldfish Kings in Northern Turtle Lair. Often considered the worst damage reduction to get.

Essentially as a support or tank, you're only going to want damage reductions. As a DPS, go for the damaging stat you need.


HP - A universally good stat as always.
MP - Compared to everything else you get on helmets, meh. The best benefit of Max MP is getting more out of your Magical Daikons if you have terrible MP Recovery. You SHOULD be getting good MP Recovery though instead of relying on what is supposed to be an emergency item.
Physical Defense - Still a universally good stat, though with helmets, you might want to consider damage reduction if you're sporting good defense already.
Magic Defense - Same^
Evasion - No.
Damage Reduction I - Yes.
Damage Reduction II - Yes.
Damage Reduction III - Maybe?
Damage Reduction IV - No.

Generally speaking, just don't get Evasion, Damage Reduction IV, and MP (unless you really want to maximize your daikon use).

Shield (ok to be fair not a lot of jobs will be using shields but still)

HP - A good stat overall, would probably be the first thing you'd want to look at.
MP - Would only be necessary if you're a magic DPS (because you can't have a bow and shield! 8D). Even then, MP Recovery is more optimal. Then again, look at the rest of your options...
HP Recovery - No.
MP Recovery - Yes.
Earth Defense - Would be conflicting on the Southern Vermilion and Northern Turtle Shields, but those two shields have different elemental purposes in mind.
Wood Defense - No.
Metal Defense - No.
Fire Defense - Only if it's the Southern Vermilion Shield.
Water Defense - Only if it's the Northern Turtle Shield.

Shields are an interesting animal. Since you won't always use them (or not at all), treat them situationally, but at the same time, get good stats!

Costumes (fun fact, costume mods still work in Arena)

HP - You will always get either this or MP when you first mod a costume. Obviously HP is preferred.
MP - Do you want better daikon use or better survivability? Let me answer this with another question: Is your survivability good enough that you can afford take MP over HP?
HP Recovery - No. Obtainable at 6/20. Still no.
MP Recovery - You're actually not going to get as much MP Recovery on costumes than your armor pieces. Still a good stat, just underwhelming compared to what else you can get. Obtainable at 6/20.
Physical Attack - A must as a phys DPS. Obtainable at 11/20.
Magic Attack - A must as a magic DPS. Obtainable at 11/20.
Physical Defense - Great for tanking. Obtainable at 11/20.
Magic Defense - Great for magic tanks. Obtainable at 11/20.
Attack Speed - Obviously for the ASPD DPS. Obtainable at 16/20.
Critical Attack - Meh. You're able to hit the crit cap with Weak Spotter and Dragon's Call alone. Not really necessary. If you do get it though, you can maybe shave off a few levels off of Weak Spotter. Obtainable at 16/20.
Boss Increase Damage - While you're only able to get up to 5% max, remember that 5% multiplier can carry you DPS further than you think. Granted, it is best suited for raids. Obtainable at 16/20.
Boss Decrease Damage - I don't know what to think of this. I seriously don't. It's good for survival in raids, but most boss AoEs aren't that deadly. Obtainable at 16/20.

Now, you have a LOT to play with for costumes. However, it is important to know which ones are good for you. There are a lot of costumes and a lot of potential combinations, so use whatever to suit different situations. Here's some sample combinations (whether they have HP or MP is up to you):

15% Physical Attack - The most versatile costume for phys dps.
15% Magic Attack - The most versatile costume for magic dps.
15% Physical Defense - You really hate physical threats.
15% Magic Defense - You really hate Rune Firebird and Fairy Queen of Butterflies.
10% Physical Attack, 5% boss damage - The best phys dps combination for raids.
10% Magic Attack, 5% boss damage - The best magic dps combination for raids.
10% Attack Speed - The attack speed versatility.
10% Magic Attack, 5% Physical Attack (or vise versa) - Hey look, a Fencer/Witch Doctor costume!
10% Physical Defense, 5% Magic Defense (or vise versa) - Mixed tank is not bad.

If you aren't getting desirable stats at 6, 11, or 16, here are your options:
-Purchase Super Bleach (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Bleach)
-Use Mod Insurance I and try to fail two levels in a row. It should get rid of a stat by then.
-Lose faith and try a new costume (quitter)

January 25th, 2017, 10:41 PM
Physical Attack - A must as a phys DPS. Obtainable at 6/20, but EXTREMELY rare. Expect this more at 11/20.
Magic Attack - A must as a magic DPS. Obtainable at 6/20, but EXTREMELY rare. Expect this more at 11/20.
Critical Attack - Meh. You're able to hit the crit cap with Weak Spotter and Dragon's Call alone. Not really necessary. Obtainable at 11/20.

Physical attack and magic attack are unobtainable at 6/20, only 11/20 and 16/20. Physical critical attack is only available at 16/20.

10% Physical Attack, 5% Attack Speed - The attack speed versatility.

Only 10% Attack speed is obtainable on costumes.

Other than the few minor hiccups, this is definitely a good guide. There is plenty of information here that should get some of the newer DOMO players in the loop so they know what to look for should they start to mod. Keep up the good work!

January 26th, 2017, 04:27 PM
Physical attack and magic attack are unobtainable at 6/20, only 11/20 and 16/20. Physical critical attack is only available at 16/20.

Only 10% Attack speed is obtainable on costumes.

Other than the few minor hiccups, this is definitely a good guide. There is plenty of information here that should get some of the newer DOMO players in the loop so they know what to look for should they start to mod. Keep up the good work!

Fixed, thanks