View Full Version : this game is op for newbies

September 17th, 2016, 03:50 PM
i am saying this game can't call it luna online reborn i am glad they call it blue land because i played original luna beta for gpotato and luna plus this game is over priced and can't compare to the private servers i played newbies can't get a break in this game admins are a bunch of newbie haters >.> block me if u must ur server will die in 6 to 9 months anyways, only players that never played the game, and people that miss old luna would play this sham of a game and picking on the people that host better private servers, its a shame their servers are more user friendly and are better equipped for new players fix it or go out of business in 6 to 9 months =.=

September 17th, 2016, 07:55 PM
Luna Reborn has a other balance true. Old luna was more easy yes. For me Luna Reborn feels better to play. And the game is at beginning we have to wait and see what she will add in new things. Here is more important teamplay play go and find friends and play this game again. its a good thing!!! much fun

September 18th, 2016, 10:02 AM
This game is dead and I dont have the feeling that anything is going to happen here.