View Full Version : I have a problem

September 22nd, 2016, 01:49 AM
Can we not pretend that the crafting system is.....I don't even have words for it.....who thought of such a system for Luna Online, please revert back. Whoever thought of that system needs a intervention.

September 22nd, 2016, 06:02 AM
I have a word for it ..



it sucks , that's all

(and welcome back)


September 22nd, 2016, 10:22 AM
My word would be nonexistent. If you removed the crafting system right now, it would be weeks before anyone on luna would even notice. In the amount of time it takes to store up that many axewell or whatever they are called, you can find whatever item you are trying to craft in weapon/armor boxes many times over.While I personally would love for the return of the old crafting system as it also gives a reason to kill mobs outside of dungeons again fixing more than just this one problem. I would say it is possible to salvage this crafting system if they want this more simplified system. However, right now the amount of crafting materials we have access to, basically adds up to one craft throughout your luna career.

September 23rd, 2016, 01:17 PM
Lets not jump ship on the crafting system at the moment. Do yourself a favor and look at that AP they installed. AP is a new mechanic in this Luna that I am surprised at how amazing it is. There is an increase in the success rate of crafting as one of the bonuses. Now someone could argue about it taking alot of points in order to get up there to max it out, however I've been getting alot of win items since they created that new AP system.

Also I don't mind farming a ton of accessories for people for cheaper price. Gold in the game atm is very unfair. Much duper gold is still in the game if I'm not correct. Whereas they got rid of the dupers, that kinda significantly damaged the market. All good though. GM Alec said he was getting a calendar ready. Out of all the ftp games to include old Luna, I don't remember calendars of events :D.