View Full Version : Dungeon Error Cant Enter even if attemp count 0/5 perday resetted

November 1st, 2016, 01:47 AM
its happen since last week, cant enter Temple of Greed [Easy], [Normal], [Hard].. can the devs or Game Master do some emergency maintenance for 30 mnts to fix this?? i guess the game need a restart to fix this things, it already happen too often, make many people cant get better exp also level up so well. we really need this dungeon system for keep stay in this game. otherwise many people will retired from this game. Too many player complaint about low exp and hard to level up. please we really need better community in this forum, we need better care to make the player endure with this game. We want to make Luna Reborn as crowded as the first time. At least 20.000 player active and 2000 player login everyday. please give the player better service. and i would like to advise that better held weekly maintenace to avoid many bugs such this dungeon errors or else. At least took 1~2 hours to maintenance the server for each week is better.
I also Complaint for the 2x EXP on progress that malfunctioned, its fakes, its not doubled our exp for current event haloween. please fix this too so we can enjoying grinding exp anywhere.

November 2nd, 2016, 07:05 PM
Yups lets bump this, its happening since yesterday, today our whole party could not enter ToG easy, thats sad, since we have not much more to lvl we just tried Spirited Woods 45~54 , BUT THAT DUNGEON SUCKS, couse the first BOSS there have an UBBER STUN(7 secs in area) and mostly of time he stuns for long periods, 30~60 secs stunned. THATS REALLY OP in my opnion!