View Full Version : The Best Damn Space Sim Ever

November 20th, 2016, 10:08 PM
Hello there old friends,

I haven't been active for long in any of my favourite SubaGames - Pristontale, ACE Online and LH. I wont say I am returning back, but I came to show you what I have been playing for quite a long now.

As you may know, a lot of indie games and many other projects use crowd funding as a way of getting the money they need for development expenses and such. One such big game project, by the name of Star Citizen started back in 2012 by Chris Roberts, the same person behind the very successful Wing Commander series, Starlancer and Freelancer (I enjoyed playing this one quite a lot before going into Ace Online). Until now the project has brocken all records of crowd funding campaigns, raising over $130 MILLION from its fans, both from Kickstarter and from selling ships through their website store.
The big thing about Star Citizen is the support given by its community, the fans who test the game, give their opinions, sharing excitement, suggestions and feedback, as well as the effort in content creation, participation and organization of events and meet-ups around the world with other fans and the developers themselves. I would like you guys to watch this video I compiled and find out more about The Best Damn Space Sim Ever. I bet you have not seen anything like this before, so let's share the ultimate dream!


Check video description for how to become a backer, or PM me for invite :)