View Full Version : November 25th: Item Mall Update PLUS Black Friday Sale!

November 25th, 2016, 02:07 PM
Hey everyone! Here's your item mall update for today:

Black Friday brings fantastic new deals to the world of Lucent Heart! Players can enjoy up to 50% off on select items until Monday, November 25th!

The Item Mall is bringing new items as well. Dress up with another entry in the Yan Xia Short jack and Takeo Vest lines of clothing! Males can look forward to checking out the new, fashionable Men's Deep V Dress, whereas everyone can enjoy the new Apollo's Wings. As well, Yuffie has conjured herself up onto the Item Mall! Take a shot at grabbing this magnificent and magical pet today!



Yan Xia short jacket (Version 2)
Roman shoes (Version 2)
Takeo vest
Apollo's Wings
Men's deep V dress

Wand Contract - Yuffie

On Sale, up to 50% off:

Original Honey Cake
Lime Honey Cake
Chocolate Honey Cake
Strawberry Honey Cake
Blueberry Honey Cake
Green Tea Honey Cake

Weapon Bravery Key
Shield Bravery Key
Accessory Bravery Key

Deluxe Butter Cookie
Deluxe Blueberry Cookie
Deluxe Chocolate Cookie
Red Pet Cookie
Green Pet Cookie
Blue Pet Cookie
Light Red Pet Cookie
Light Green Pet Cookie
Light Blue Pet Cookie
Organic Cookie
Dragon Fruit Cookie
Black Currant Cookie
Advanced Organic Cookie
Advanced Dragon Fruit Cookie
Advanced Black Currant Cookie

Mercenary Name Changing Card
New Life Skills Book

Minotsize Tool Set
Craft Fire
Craft Gloves
Best Grade Success Potion
Exceptional Craft Fire
Blessing Ares' Crystal Pole
Praying Ares' Crystal
Praying Gaia's Crystal
Praying Hera's Crystal

Curse Enchantment
Snipe Enchantment
War Enchantment

Permanent Warehouse Expansion
Permanent Mobile Warehouse
Permanent Shared Warehouse
Permanent Delivery Service
Permanent Wanted Stand Expansion
Permanent Sales Stand Expansion
Permanent OEM Space Expansion
Permanent Backpack Expansion
Character Slot Expansion

Random Mount Generator 2000