View Full Version : December 16th: Item Mall Update

December 16th, 2016, 02:15 PM
Hey everyone! Here's your item mall update for today:

It's time for another addition to the festive season! First off, there are some new additions to the Gothic Dress, Short Jacket, Takeo Vest, and Striped Sweather lines for you to up your fashion game with! On top of that, this year's latest Christmas fashion is in! Check out the Noir Christmas set as well as the Snowman's Carrot Nose today!

Yan Xia short jacket (Version 4)
Roman shoes (Version 4)

Takeo Vest (Version 4)

Gothic hair accessories
Gothic Maid Dress
Gothic knee socks

Striped sweater
Denim pants
Black leather boots

Noir Snowman Hat
Noir Dress

Noir Deer Hat
Noir Gentleman Suit

Snowman's Carrot Nose