View Full Version : December 23rd: Item Mall Update

December 23rd, 2016, 02:43 PM
Here's your item mall update for today:

You curiously hear a faint jingle of a bell. Quickly you rush to the mall to find some new items! Fashion fans can find two new outfits to dress themselves with! The Punk Knight set and the Teddy Bear set are now available for all to enjoy! As well, the wonderful and special versions of this year's Christmas sets are out! Snatch up and wear the complete outfit and a little whimsical friend might just visit you...

Finally, Stargazer Anne averts her enchanted gaze toward the night sky to assist you! Test your luck at this new pet today!


Punk Knight Tops
Punk Knight Trousers

Pink Wig
Teddy Bear Hat T
Female Punk Shoes
School Girl Glasses

Christmas Snowman Hat +
Christmas Dress +

Christmas Deer Hat +
Christmas Gentleman Suit +

Rudolph's Red Nose

Staff Contract - Stargazer Anne