View Full Version : January 16th: Item Mall Update

January 16th, 2017, 01:39 PM
Looking to Bach to the past? Female characters can now purchase the Baroque Short Hair (Version 2) and Baroque Black Dress (Version 2) in the item mall! Female characters can also go for a stealthier look with the Night Hunter Attire (Version 2). Furthermore, combat your foes at high noon with this brand spankin' new male cowboy set! Purchase the Cowboy Hat+, Cowboy Vest+, Cowboy Pants+ and Cowboy Bands+ in the item mall today!

Baroque Short Hair (Version 2)
Baroque Black Dress (Version 2)
Night Hunter Attire (Version 2)
Cowboy Hat +
Cowboy Vest +
Cowboy Pants +
Cowboy Bands +