View Full Version : February 6th: Item Mall Update

February 6th, 2017, 05:01 PM
Female players may now buy the school girl glasses (Version 3), punk women shoes (version 3) and teddy bear hat T (version 3) outfits in the item mall! Male characters may now buy the Punk Knight Trousers (version 3) and Punk Knight T-shirt (Version 3) outfits as well.

The divines have blessed us with the Priestess Valerie! Embark on a journey with this amazing pet today!

Releases for February 6th
School Girl Glasses (Version 3)
Punk Women Shoes (Version 3)
Teddy Bear Hat T (Version 3)
Punk Knight Trousers (Version 3)
Punk Knight T-Shirt (Version 3)

Chalice Contract - Priestess Valerie